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Thread: Diamond Brand pet food recalls expanding.

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    Diamond Brand pet food recalls expanding.

    The list of salmonella-related recalls expands to include three national dog food companies (WellPet, Natural Balance and Canidae) and one regional (Apex Pet Foods) which issued recalls Friday and Saturday. They have joined the previously recalled foods to now include 14 brands, all manufactured by Diamond pet food. This is serious stuff considering the food in question was manufactured almost 6 months ago. What has taken them so long to recall these tainted products. In my opinion there is NO EXCUSE for waiting so long. Check out this complete list of recalled foods and dispose of any questionable products you may have in your home. Stay safe everyone.

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    Thanks for posting. There is already a thread on this with up to date information here:

    Diamond recalls continue to expand - 8 or more other brands involved

    The recall includes both dog and cat foods in some of the brands. Not all of the brands are manufactured by Diamond Foods. Some just happened to be manufactured at the one plant, where all the foods come from.

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