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    My Bichon is 5 years old. She is favoring her right rear leg, sometimes drawing it up and not using it at all, kind of hopping. We took her to the vet. He took xrays and found what he described as a torn muscle. Of course he gave her pain meds and tramadol. She has finished up the meds and she is still hopping. I cannot afford expensive surgury (which was NOT mentioned). Has anyone got any suggestions? She is the "baby" of our house. We want her not to hurt. She is not complaining of whining...just limping.

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    sounds like a luxcating patella or cruciate both need surgery and both are pretty pricey. The dog will be in pain if not fixed and it won't get better on thier own I suggest you taking the dog back to the vet if she is still favoring her leg. If she needs surgery ask about possibly doing payments.

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    Smile Right

    I took her back to vet. He called in a specialist. I just brought her from from having the surgery. Thanks for your help

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    What did it end up being? Torn ACL?

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    Unhappy Surgery & New Question

    He repaired a complete tear in the right cranial cruciate ligament.

    Now I have a new question. She has an E-collar and she has very limited use of the leg. They told me she cannot jump, climb steps or run at all. The incision is just below her knee cap. My concern now is that she cannot sleep with us or lay in the couch. My bed is very high and she used to use the step stool to get up in bed.
    She is so very pitiful and I am at a loss to show her that I didn't do this to hurt her. She has huge black eyes and they are so baleful now I want to cry. If she moves a certain way, she whines. She has never in her 5 years whined or cried. I cried myself to sleep the first night.
    Does anybody have any suggestions? Her therapy will begin next Monday and her range of motion will gradually be increased spanning 12 weeks. I don't know how to tell her she won't be able to do the things she has always done - sleeping with me, chasing squirrels, etc.

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