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Thread: has anyone used trifexis?

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    has anyone used trifexis?

    Yesterday we had a rep from the company come in and talk about the produc but i would like to know what people who have used it think. Currently we do not carry it but its soething they are looking into.

    Currently im using frontline and interceptor for my dogs. Frontline is so exspensive and having 4 dogs you can only imagine. I use it more for fleas then the ticks. With interceptor and setinal being hard to get and i was told i shouldnt give heartguelard to shelties i need another option. Love the fact its a flea and heartworm proventitive and i could still use frontline or another topical for tick season.

    Would love anyones feed back thanks in advance.

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    You might try Some on there may have used it, I do "know" of (I think it was referring to collie's) one user asking about what to use for heartworm prevention before. I think there were some responses, but regardless if you go to the all breed forum you can do a search.....or ask on there. Many people who use it are big time Shepherd people, but they'd probably be able to advise you, they don't all "just" have Shepherds.

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