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Thread: What Breed am I??

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    Smile What Breed am I??


    I am thinking about adopting this dog.

    I have two questions. 1) Does anyone know what type of mixed breed this is? 2) Is $450 a high price when adopting? (We are on a tight budget so I want to gauge what people think )
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    Adopting a dog shouldn't be more than $100 or so, sounds like you're purchasing a dog!
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    Agree, $100 for adopting a dog
    he sure is a cutie; not sure of the breed / mix

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    Thanks Lisa.

    I thought it was very high. I guess they want you to pay for it's shots/neutering.

    Maybe there is some freight costs involved as well. He is in TX and I am in CT.

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    I think he definitely has shepard in him. If he does, I imagine he is a very smart and social dog. Good luck!

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    Looks like a mix between a spaniel and a retriever?

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    He looks definitely like some kind of retriever and maybe a border collie? He's kewte $450 is WAYYYY to much if you are adopting him though... may want to ask why such the high cost...

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    Some of the Atlanta rescues that pull from our shelter have adoption fees upwards of $300.00. I think it has a lot to do with the cost of veterinary services (and shelter pull fees) in an area, and also they want the adopter to have a good solid investment in the animal. Unfortunately, many people only value what has a monetary value, and free or cheap pets are considered to be of less worth to them.
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