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Thread: Fundraising for cat rescue center

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    Fundraising for cat rescue center


    I help out at a local cat rescue centre and have agreed to be part of a "thousand" club. Ie one of a thousand people who would raise 1000 over a couple of years towards a new centre. I plan to sell things on ebay, sponsored swim. Any toher ideas?!

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    fundraising help

    I have a online pet store that has a really good affiliates program / donation program.. you could sign up your shelter and take advantage of the program to raise funds.. good luck and if you need help with anything please let me know

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    sounds like some great ideas! good luck!

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    Maybe some social awareness can help.

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    visit based in Boise, it is a no kill shelter, perhaps you can find some great ideas from there

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    Thank you for helping cats and good luck with fundraising

    A garage sale from somebody's home or parking lot sale in front of pet shops, table with fortune wheel where people for small contribution can win small things you can buy on sale or get from local businesses.

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