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Thread: feral cat needs flea treatment

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    feral cat needs flea treatment

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a low cost effective flea treatment for a
    feral cat. Obviously, I will not be able to use a flea collar but I was wondering if there are any treatment in the form of a pill that could be used.

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    Flea collars are no good on any cat anyhoo, feral or not.

    Get some Frontline spot-on from your vet. Or you could get a Stronghold, which would worm him/her at the same time. Just a dribble of liquid applied to the back of the neck, all done, easy.

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    Yes, definitely not a flea collar. However I'm thinking the problem is, that you can't get close to the kitty to use a spot on?

    (never use over the counter store-bought spot ons, they aren't safe, if you do use spot on, like the above poster said, use frontline plus, revolution or advantage)

    There is a product you can add to kitty's food. It's called Program.

    You may want to start with a capstar tablet to kill existing adult fleas. Capstar will kill adult fleas for 24 hours. Then the Program will work for one month, preventing flea eggs and larvae from maturing.

    It's not an ideal way to prevent fleas on a cat who lives outdoors, but certainly better than no flea control at all.

    Welcome to pet lovers, and thank you for caring about this feral kitty!

    (PS, if you haven't yet, you should start thinking about trapping him/her and getting the neuter/spay done)

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