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Thread: My cat swallowed a hair tie...

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    Exclamation My cat swallowed a hair tie...

    I think so anyway!

    My boyfriend just moved his cat and himself in to live with me, she was doing okay but sleeping a lot more than usual, and not really eating and we hadn't seen her use the litter box in a while. Then she started to throw up her food and we really knew something was off with her. We had no clue what was up until last night...

    The cat jumped onto the bed we were laying in, seemed kind of distressed but then hopped back off. It was when she hopped back up we noticed something thin, brown and long on the bed near her butt. I pointed it out and my boyfriend started to pick it up and realized it was coming out of her. He pulled the whole thing out, it was probably over a foot long... longer than the cat! We were both so freaked out we just threw it away and made sure the cat was alright... We think it was a hair tie, maybe it expanded in her stomach or something (only logical conclusion, still super bizarre though since the hair tie was probably only 4" long if you cut it's circular shape open.)

    Anyways, she seems to be fine now. Obviously she couldn't eat and was throwing up because there was something keeping her backed up.

    My question is.. should we take her to the vet? Could there have been some internal damage? Or is that over reacting since she seems okay now.

    I try to stay away from vets since they're so expensive, which is why I wanted to know if I really had to before I did it...


    (Anyone else have a horror story like this ?)

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    Personally I would take her to the vet especially since you pulled the item from her bottom which for future reference you should never do as you don't know what it's twisted up in!

    She may seem ok but for peace of mind I would take her anyway.

    Good luck, Pip

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    As Pip already said, you should never pull anything out of your cats bum, because it could be wrapped around anything, or cut into the intestines as you pull. Basically you can do A LOT of damage like that. Always always take your cat (or dog for that matter) to a vet if you think they've eaten something they shouldn't have.

    If it's those elasticated hair ties, the string stuff wrapped around the elastic is reheally long. There could be other pieces inside her, plus bits of elastic, and anything else she might have eaten at the same time. You may think that the hair tie has come out so all is well, but I suggest you don't take the gamble, and get her a general check over at least. For all you know, getting her checked now may just save her life.

    And be extra careful about what you leave lying around that she might want to play with


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    Would definetly take her. If she was able to eat something that large its possible she could have vitten pieces off or other things that could still be in there. Think about it yea she is filling better because she had a foot long rope come out of her but there could still be more.
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