We mods have decided to TRY a little leniency in the "Adult forums" area only and allow a little more "off color" language. As long as it doesn't start to offend a lot of other members...meaning we need several complaints to reaccess this change/adjustment of the rules. This is only going to be allowed in The Two Adult Forums, so please don't carry it into any of the public forums.

An example of allowable words would be damn, darn, effing (Not FXXK) and while we will try allowing biotch it will not be used to call someone that name, but in the context already outlined in rules we currently have. There will be no using the word "God" in front of any of these words.

Remember this is just a trial and if it begins to spill over into the public forums or gets too out of hand in this forum, the trial period will end and things will revert back to how they are now.