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Thread: dog vomiting but seems fine otherwise

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    dog vomiting but seems fine otherwise

    My golden has been vomiting occasionally for the past week. It seems to be happening after he eats, although not every time, but it's not immediate or anything. The vomit looks pretty much like it's just the food coming up. No odd colors or smell.

    He's acting fine, happy and not lethargic at all. He's having regular bowel movements. His appetite is normal. No diet changes. I don't feed him scraps, but he has gotten a few minor handouts from others lately, like a couple of grapes and a piece of pizza crust. He's also gotten a few pieces of a new sweet potato treat this past week that I just got from the pet store.

    He's about 4 years old, and I only got him about four months ago from a rescue.

    Is it possible that an obstruction is causing this, even if he's still defecating regularly? Or maybe a minor bug issue? Again, he's acting completely normal and showing no other signs that something is wrong.

    I have taken him to the animal hospital ER before, a couple of months ago, when he ate some rope toy and was having obvious problems trying to pass it. So I'm not averse to taking him in to get checked out, I'm just looking for some other thoughts before I go through that expense again. (He doesn't get the rope toy any more).

    Many thanks for any advice.

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    I would think if hes been doing it for about a week a vets visit might be your next step, it doesnt take long for them to start loosing condition and they would be able to rule out anything more sinister than an upset tummy.
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    one other possible variable

    I've also been giving him a small dose of liquid fish oil extract once a day. He's been getting it for close to two months now, and the bottle just ran out, so this past week he's been getting the very last portion of it. Maybe that stuff goes bad?

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    Grapes and raisins are said to be toxic to dogs, although it seems like I read they cause liver failure. Doesn't seem like that would result in vomiting so soon and no other symptoms.

    It could be a matter of eating too fast, but if it had a sudden onset and has continued for a week it could well be serious.

    I think I'd get him to the vet if he were mine. Something sharp or tangled in his throat and blocking his ability to swallow comes to mind, or some kind of injury to his throat.
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    Grapes are toxic to dogs, so don't feed him them. A couple probably won't have caused this, I'm just letting you know for future reference.

    If he's been doing it randomly all week and his stools are normal, it's probably not a bug.

    What kind of dog food is he being fed? Is he vomiting or is it regurgitating?

    Which meals is he throwing up, is it directly after exercise or anything like that? Or first meal of the morning? Or is it completely random when he throws up?

    I'd be inclined to seek veterinary advice, even if you only discuss the situation over the phone.

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    He's on Nature's Recipe, the vegetarian mix, on the advice of the vet and foster home when I got him from the rescue, because they suspected a beef and chicken allergy.

    I'd guess I'd describe it more like regurgitating. Sometimes it's been shortly after he eats in the morning; other times it's been maybe an hour or two later. It seems to be more often after his first meal. But from what I can tell it has not been a daily occurrence, and definitely not after every time he eats. It also doesn't follow exercise.

    I'll be taking him in, probably on Tuesday. But thanks for the responses. And thanks for the info on grapes.

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