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Thread: animal processing of death

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    animal processing of death

    we all know that farmers raise animals to sell to market, to meat eaters, and that people find video's to post here showing the torture some people do when hired to help with the processing. I did some research thinking we could petition congress to change that. They do have laws regaurding it, however it ultimately falls on the shoulders of the city which the farmer resides, and most dont have the budget or officers to patrol and check up on the farmers and how their hired help process and kill the animals. Some cities I'm sure aren't even aware that their animal control officers should be making regular stops on locally operated farms.

    so how do we deal with that??
    I find those video's disturbing and it angers me that these workers get away with torturing the animal before it dies So once again, how do we.stop this situation? it won't do us any good to petition the federal and state government because they already have laws against it, but are helpless so to speak to do anything about this creulty. Any ideas? I want this stopped and these tortures arrested period, and to have a life record against them.

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    The problem is that it's the very few farms and irresponsible farm hands that cause all this corruption and concern about all farm animals and that make animal agriculture look bad. It's the videos from the few slaughter facilities and farms that make things look bad and make consumers like yourselves think that all farms and slaughter facilities operate in the same way, which couldn't be farther from the truth. Thank PeTA and HSUS for that.

    It's not the farmer that is responsible for the slaughtering of animals, Yambastics, and farmers don't live in cities. It's the company that operates the slaughter facility that is responsible for such practices and hiring such people who carry out the processing of animals that you should be targeting, not the innocent farmer who's job is to simply raise the animals and sell them. And I would like to know what you are referring to as "torture" in this situation: Is it the videos of seeing animals' bodies and legs still jerking around after the cap-bolt has pierced their brain and their throats been cut? If it is, then here's something that you probably never knew before:

    An animal with such movements after being stunned like that is actually involuntary movements. It is natural for a body to act like that after death because nerve impulses are going through the body making the animal seem like it is "struggling" when it is actually dead and not feeling a thing. Such movements must be ignored. If the animal is still breathing (sides moving in and out), there are eye movements upon being touched, and vocalization, then yes, the animal is indeed still alive. But leg movements alone is not a way to tell if an animal is still alive after being stunned and stuck. I've been taught this by a veterinarian I've worked for and read about it from a book written by animal behaviorist Temple Grandin. And I've seen it first-hand too.

    I think the best way to deal with such things is to remove the wool in front of your eyes and educate yourself a bit more about such practices as this without getting up on your high-horse about this and saying such people should get arrested and "have a life record [set] against them."

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    The groups that take footage like that have to work long and hard to piece together something that looks sufficiently awful. Sometimes they cheat, and use footage of acts that occurred long ago, or even in a different country. While abuses do happen, they are rare, and the people responsible will usually be caught and fired. Ask yourself why the people taking the footage did not report it immediately, rather than saving up film for months afterward for a pretty presentation. (Nebraska is considering a law that will require them to do exactly that--report crimes immediately, rather than weeks, or months, later, after they've had time to edit and pretty up the footage. The goal is to prevent further animals from being abused, after all...and these organizations are less interested in that then they are in harming the livestock industries).

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