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Thread: My bunny has lost the use of her back legs

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    My bunny has lost the use of her back legs

    Hi, Daisy, about 7 years old has had progressive problems with her back legs: dragging a leg for a few months, then walking along and losing her balance, then recently walking two steps, falling on her side and not being able to get herself back up. In the last couple of days, she can't walk anymore. If we put her outside in the grass, she has her back legs extended on the side, and doesn't move much. If we help her and lift her bottom up, she stays up for a few seconds, and then falls over again. She wees and poos herself, has lost a lot of hair from her legs and side (urine burn and dragging herself). Her poos have also turned into large balls of softish poo. She gets regular baths to rinse her bottom off. Her indoor cage is kept high with straw and wood litter. She has also started drinking a lot: half an hour at a time, emptying a middle bunny bottle a night. Our problem: she still has a healthy appetite, she doesn't complain when we bath her, she still looks cute and doesn't seem so fed up with her new condition that she wants to give up. Should we have her put down and put an end to this miserable life, or wait a bit longer for her to decide she's had enough? We don't want her to suffer, but obviously she doesnt tell us how much pain she is in. Please advise us about how we should deal with her life.

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    What has your vet said? It may be an easy solution, but you'll never know if you haven't taken her.
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    Think about it, if you couldn't talk, and you were having problems walking, and standing, and were messing yourself, and your, well, skin was being burnt by the urine and worn off, what would you want?

    That sounds like a pretty miserable life to me.

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    Have a professional look at her before you even consider making this decision.

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    Daisy has seen the vet who has told me I am doing all the right things towards her care. She has advised me to put E45 cream on her legs but Daisy licks it off her, so it's not a good idea. Her legs are obviously still bare but not red at the moment. She has not lost her appetite and eats all the nibbles we offer her during the day. She gets regular strokes and cuddles during the day and evening. So at the moment, she is staying with us.

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    Can you put a cone on her?
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