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    Midnight was our family cat. She wandered out to our house when I was in middle school, and older kitten that was nothing but skin and bones. Midnight lived somewhere between 17-19 years catching anything small that moved and protecting the area around the house from unwanted guests of both the rodent kind and the other stray cat kind.

    She had been in failing health for the past few months, but her blood work was all normal, it was just old age kicking in. She could barely walk Wednesday but wanted outside so mom let her go. She watched as Midnight crossed the road and headed up the hill in front of the house assuming she would never see her again. Sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon, she came home, curled up in her spot beside the flower bed and passed away. I guess she had to make that daily trip just one more time. Midnight will be greatly missed.
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    I am so sorry that Midnight has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. What wonderful memories you have of Midnight. You know it is nice that Midnight came back and went to sleep in a favorite place and passed over in peace. This way your all know what happened to Midnight. RIP Midnight.
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    Aw, Beth I'm so sorry (to you and your family) for the loss of your beloved Midnight. I know how much it hurts, even after a long well lived, well loved life, it's never long enough, and it always hurts, and the pain is sharp.

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    I'm sorry you've lost Midnight, but she seems to have had the best type of passing. Curled sleeping in her loving home, right after a good roam. What else can a cat ask for. Good bye Midnight.
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    Sometimes we never want to let go .... as I lost my cat this past Christmas I can sympathize with you 100% Maybe Midnight and Frankie are playing together as we speak.
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    Rest peacefully sweet little Midnight.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. You know I know your pain. It does get better with time, I promise. Midnight had the best home with you.

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