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Thread: Need help! Pic of my dogs tummy! Red Spots + Inverted Nipple

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    Need help! Pic of my dogs tummy! Red Spots + Inverted Nipple

    Hi everyone! Im new to this forum =]

    I have 2 weiner dogs and just today I found out that one of my dog has red spots on his upper body in between his 2 front legs and has his 2 front nipples inverted.

    I have attached the pics of it. Can anyone tell me what is it and how I can fix the 2 problems? Thanks in advance.

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    The red spots look like an allergy of some sort. A vet can get him some antihistamines and antibiotics for the skin infection that is certainly brewing. The inverted nipples, have you tried to squeeze them? It may just be some impacted muck in the creases of the nipple.

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