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Thread: Expiration date on Capstar

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    Question Expiration date on Capstar

    I have a BUNCH of Capstar tablets that are about to expire in July of this year. Should I give them away to a place that can immediately use them, such as my local animal shelter, or am I able to continue to use them past the expiration date for a set amount of time? My dog does receive monthly K9 Advantix flea control, this is just a back-up solution.

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    ...not that your supposed to advertise this, but we often use expired items...such as Capstar...for people who cannot afford them. We can't sell we give it away to them. A few months of expiration won't may not work as well, but it will still work. However, shelters and places like that could always use stuff like that.

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    i suggest give it to your local animal shelter. They can use it immediately and i think they need it.
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