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Thread: Coffee, I read that its toxic to birds. But is it the smell or the grounds?

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    Question Coffee, I read that its toxic to birds. But is it the smell or the grounds?

    My dad drinks it, and he wouldn't give that up. I am making him smoke outside for goodness sakes. Give up coffee? No way. So is it the smell or the grounds or the liquid or all three?
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    Its definitly not the smell. I would keep them away from the grounds and liquid. Though my first cockatiel used to steal sips of coffee when ever she could and never had a problem-- she was a tank though.
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    caffine is toxic to birds and unfortunatly coffe contains caffine so I would not let your bird anywhere near it and try to convince your dad to drink it away from your bird.

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    If anything it would have to be the grounds or the coffee before brewed because I drink several cups a day and it had never hurt any of my let poor poppa back in with his coffee......I smoked for years also without any reprocusions..but I quit about 4 or 5 years ago and I don't let anyone smoke in the same room as my birds. Another thing too, I run 2 air purifiers 24/7. The main one is a really good one that takes about 90% of all air pollutants and bird dust out of the air. The one here in my computer/bird/spare bedroom is a cheaper model and it does great but is not whisper quiet like the other one but it does the job.
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