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Thread: My Cat nips me when nuzzling me

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    My Cat nips me when nuzzling me

    My cat does something strange to me but not my wife. My cat is about 12 years old. I love her tremendously. She is always there when no one else is around. For a while now she has been doing something that I find very strange. When I lay down to go to sleep or in the morning when I am about ready to get up, she nuzzles my face and used to give me what I thought were little kisses. Now she will nuzzle and lightly nip me on the cheek or my neck. The funny thing to is that she only does this to me, not my wife. Can anyone tell me why she does this?

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    Skittlesmom Guest
    Sounds familiar..Our cat does the same thing, but only to my 7 year old daughter. He adores her to "death." Wherever she is, he is there too. He only lets her carry him around and he only gives her, what we call, head-butts (when he bumps her on her forehead with his head).

    He's gotten to where, if we don't lock him up in his room at night, he'll bite her feet or fingers during the night. This saturday, he wanted so desperately to wake her up that he bit her earlobe.

    I don't know, but I'm thinking they either want complete attention or its a sign of affection.

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    Before I took Maggie in I used to feed her daily. She would be in the yard waiting for me when I got home. I would feed her before doing anything. She would wind around me and give me little bites on my legs (but not so little that they didn't hurt!) Like Skittlesmom, I think it's an urgent show of affection. p.s., Maggie doesn't do that anymore. But she gave me many head butts when I came back from vacation!

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    one of my female cats seems to be like this with men as well. Their sense of smell is so great and they can become over-stimulated - like when having too much catnip....

    does she also like to smell your shoes or clothing or areas that you sweat on?

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    does she also like to smell your shoes or clothing or areas that you sweat on?[/QUOTE]

    Now that you mention it. Yes. She does seem to smell and even sometimes sleep in my clothing that I may leave on the floor or even my pillow.

    So, she is being very effectionate with me because I am a male?

    I am also the main person who feeds and waters her.

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    My 11 year old cat does that also. I asked my vet and he said it's a sign of deep affection. Of course with my 11 week old kittens, this is teething. My cat loves to smell your head after you shampoo your hair also. Each cat has their own way of doing things. I guess you can never really figure out what's going through their minds.

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    phillydogs Guest
    My cat also does that to my fiance only.
    He also only 'bunts' him (the headbutting thing where he rubs his head back and forth along my fiance's jaw) He also does the whole kneading thing on his belly while he's watching TV.

    I thought it may have something to do with his beard stubble.

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    I'm definitely my cats favorite considering i feed and play with him the most. He does the "nipping" thing ALL the time. I actually thought it was a dominance thing, but i found on another site that cats will nip the ones they love the most its their version of kissing!

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    MissJessi, this thread is from 2006. These people no longer post here.

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