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Thread: HELP! Newborn kitten won't eat!

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    Exclamation HELP! Newborn kitten won't eat!

    Hi everyone! Our cat just gave birth to two BEAUTIFUL kittens,
    but the poor runt won't feed from the mother, and the mother
    will barely have anything to do with the runt. The other kitten is
    a perfect picture of health, but the runt is having ALOT of trouble
    breathing, and I don't know what to do. I am very scared that
    this kitten might end updying, and I can't stand to see that happen!!!!
    Any input that you may have would be GREATLY appreciated! I
    don't want this poor baby to die. I couldn't stand to see it die. We
    are doing everything that we can. We are wiping it with a warm wet cottonball all over, and to help it urinate. We are feeding it from
    a animal bottle, we are cuddling it to keep it warm. I honestly don't
    know what else to do to help it. I can't bear to just sit back and watch
    it die either. It would break my heart! The mother will lick it and stuff,
    but the baby won't nurse for some reason. She seems very weak, and
    like her lungs aren't completely developed. I don't know what to do!!!!!
    She cries all the time! PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    I think you need to bring her to the vet ASAP

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    Hello all, I am happy to report that she had her first bowel movement
    as of 8:45PM tonight. I know that that is a good thing. She also isn't
    crying AS much. She has eaten some more from the animal bottle that
    we purchased for her, and has had a urinary movement also. She is
    just weak, hopefully she will pull through though. I may just take her
    to the vet too. Thanks again!

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    That's great news. Keep up the good work

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    Sad news, she appears to be barely hanging on. She has very hard labored breathing, and very still. She will no longer eat, either. I'm unsure if she will pull through the nite, if she does, I'll probably take her to the vet. Thanks!

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    Did you check the kitten bottle to make sure the milk can come through?Sometimes there is no hole.I recued a kitten that was three weeks old,The kitten bottle I had was solid,so I had to cut it a little.That baby is almost 3 years old now.

    Good luck,hopefully the vet can help out more.Just remember,if things don't turn out well you were a very good kitten mommy.

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    Any news pta2005???? I know how devastating these situations can be and I am thinking of you and hoping you will have some good news.
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    Hello all! Sad to report that kitty died earlier this morning!!! She
    was doing badly all through the night, and wimpering, and we were
    about totake her with us to church to see a friend of ours. Well, we
    left her alone for about 5 minutes, and when we came back to pick
    her up and take her with us, she had passed on!! The bottle nipple
    did have a hole(we put it there), but she just wouldn't eat. She had
    very hard breathing, and we knew deep down that she prob. would
    not make it, but it is still hard. There wasn't anything else we could
    have done for her. It was just hard hearing her wimper and knowing
    that we couldn't do anything. She just laid there on her side. She did
    not even have the strength to hold her head up. When she was first
    born, she moved around, but towards the end, she couldn't do any-
    thing at all, and it broke my heart to watch her die!!! Well, gotta go
    for now! At least there is ONE healthy kitten. It probably didn't help
    that the kitten who passed on was the runt, and it seemed like her
    lungs weren't fully developed, but it didn't make it any easier!

    Thanks for all the support!!

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