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Thread: can my dog have a sore throat??

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    Bobby G Guest

    can my dog have a sore throat??

    well this morning i was playing with my dog hes a rott and he went to bark and his voice is like raspy like a horse ya no i really cant explain it but its a weaker bark then his old one is there anything seriously wrong or is it just a soar throat preciate it if someone gets back to me

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    minismom Guest
    Yep they can have a sore throat, I am now treating both of my minpins for upper respritory infections and swollen Tonsils. So it does happen

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    Bobby G Guest
    how do u treat it?

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    minismom Guest
    have the vet check and see if it is a sore throat and then he will treat him accordingly, mine are on antibiotics.

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    Bobby G Guest
    ok thanks im thinkin it might be from last night he was barking alot because family was over and stuff maybe he just gotta soar throat from that thanks tho if it stays for a day or two im gonna call a vet

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    minismom Guest
    good luck!! It probably is from barking alot. Even we get hoarse from yelling and screaming at ball games and ect>

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    JustJo Guest
    Barking a lot has never slowed my Rockie down or made her hoarse. She could go all day and night if I let her. I would definitely have it checked by a vet just to be sure.

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    Sep 2004
    The neighbors dog....two house down.....barks all day long until they take him in. Sometimes that is not until around 8ish at night. He's barking right now.....and it's non~stop......

    I too would make a trip to the vet.
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    Bobby G Guest
    ok well its been 10 days and it seems like its getting a little better it jus seems like hes gotta dry throat or something like when hes playing if he rolls over and growls he can go like grrr then hell like choke like theres something in his throat his bark is still not as strong neither i would take him to the vet but neither me or my parents can afford it does anyone else no if this can be serious or it just takes a lil bit to heal or something because he doesnt show any sign of pain all it is is coughing i really wish i can take him to the vet write back

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    Bobby G Guest
    can anyone tell me if this is serious?

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    sdchampion Guest
    Well, no one really can say if it is serious or not. Only a vet could say that by seeing your pet. My Bergie still chokes when we ask her to speak. She gets all excited and barks and then chokes like it got stuck there. She has done this since a baby and not serious. She is just learning how to use the vocals. The other day she saw something outside and started barking for the very first time (she's 9 months) without choking. I think the difference is when she barks for us it's more high pitched...when she barks at something outside it's more low and serious. She has never coughed though, just gagged.

    But, like everyone here said, if you are really concerned you need to take him to the vet. Check around, many vets are reasonable in their prices and may offer a payment plan for you. Has he been to a vet in the past? If so try to take him there. If the vet knows the pet they will usually help with payments.

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    Bobby G Guest
    ok yeah well i dunno if it can be that new bark thing your dog has your talking bout beacause hes turning 8 in febuary lol but yeah i already started calling around were gonna try and take him to the vet thanks for all your help

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    sdchampion Guest
    Your welcome and please keep us updated on how he's doing.

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    Feb 2011
    I have a question. My dog is acting like he is choking on a hairball when he tries to bark. He is known to have allergies and has to get shots about twice a year for them but this is new. Anyone have an idea?

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    It can be an allergy.

    People experience allergies and so do our dogs. As dog lovers we feel badly for our dogs as we know from our personal allergy experiences how uncomfortable and miserable allergy symptoms can make us feel.

    Our symptoms include itching skin, watery eyes, red eyes, sneezing, wheezing, breathing difficulties, reddened patches, blistering or rashes on our skin, scratchy or sore throat.
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