View Full Version : Can K9 Advantix cause itching?

10-22-2010, 11:31 PM
Hello all. I have been having a flea problem lately. I have always used k9 Advantix on my dogs. I have never had fleas. And even when I have become lazy and found a few ticks, K9 always wiped them out quickly. But lately I have had a problem that is causing me to doubt the product.

I came to my attention that my neighbors dog, who breaks into my yard to play with my dogs, had fleas. Then I noticed that my hound mix was scratching a little more then usual. Realizing I had been lazy again with no ill results I ran out and bought a single does of K9 for each. All seemed well but then almost 1 month to the day I noticed my dogs scratching a lot and 2 fleas on my couch. I went out and bought another dose of K9 and applied it. I then started a vacuuming, boraxing regimen. I haven't noticed many fleas but the dogs are scratching like crazy after a week. I was convinced that the K9 did not work and I decided to bathe the dogs. But upon bathing them, I found one dead flea between the two dogs. Thats it...

Could it be that they still have fleas nested in them or could the K9 not only killed the fleas but also irritated the dogs? And experience with this kind of a problem?