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03-12-2004, 03:23 PM
I've been feeding a stray cat for 2 years now and want to take him to the vet to get "done" and to treat him for all fleas and injuries etc. He also has clumps of fur on his back and now a circle of hair missing on his head which bleeds in parts.
He is a lovley looking big male, very quiet and seems passive. He has gotten a bit used to me feeding him and will sniff my hand and has on occasion let me stroke him but he swats down still in fear. I have wanted to take him to my vets to get checked and Done before now but am worried he wont come back to feed and i feed him at least 4 times a day!
I am very worried about him and today tried to catch him with my own cat basket. I actually got him to eat some chicken ( his fav meat) from the back of the basket and i used a rope to shut the door so he would see me doing it. Unfortunately he pushed at the door and i wasn't quick enough to hold it shut and he got out.
He hasnt been back yet.
I could get a trap from the cat proection but i have got one of those before and he didn't go in it they also seem so harsh!
does anyone have any advice on how to get him causing him as less stress as possible?
I thought of get a sedative drug and but the vets do not advise this!
Help - He needs to get medical treatments for his wounds asap!!

Furbaby Mom
03-12-2004, 05:14 PM
First of all take a deep breath and relax. Cats will sense a change in you.

If you've been feeding him this long, he has to have some level of trust in you or he wouldn't be coming back. This will work to your favor.

Put your cat carrier close to where you feed him everytime you feed him. Slowly move the food closer to the carrier each day. Start feeding him in the carrier but don't try to close the door.

Sit on the ground close to the carrier as you do this. If you are standing and looming over his head, he will be more scared of you. Talk quietly to him to calm him.

When you see that he is calmer about eating in the carrier, simply push the door closed then cover the carrier with a towel. This will relax them immediately (if they can't see you, they don't think you can see them).

If you think his medical condition is too serious to wait on this technique (it could take you a week to do this), then suggest you go borrow or rent a humane live trap. I trap feral cats all the time and while it may look harsh, putting a towel over the top of it will sooth them. If he is that ill, a few hours in a trap will be far less harmful than dieing a slow death from infection.

When you transport him in your car (assume you will do this), cover your upholster in plastic. Once in a while you will get a fear pee-er or sprayer and you don't want this in your car. And if he starts banging against the cage, don't give in to the temptation to set him free. Sometimes they will injure themselves in the cage, but again, it is better than the alternative for this boy.

Last tip: on the day you plan to trap him in your carrier or use the live trap, get the stinkiest canned cat food you can find - preferably something with salmon or tuna. If that doesn't lure him in and he likes chicken, give him that. Do NOT put the can in the carrier, if you don't want to just place it on the floor of the carrier, use a small paper plate.

If you bring him in, please spend the little extra on him and get him neutered. If his injuries are caused by fighting, neutering will stop him from the urge to mate and fight in the future.

Good luck! Please tell us if you are able to catch him!

03-13-2004, 05:45 AM
Hi Amy Thanks for the great advice.

Your definately right i need to relax! Hes back for his food and he does sence somethings up! . He seems more wiery. I must admit i am very nervous about catching him i hate causing him any fear esp if he wont come back for his food.

Do you think he wold go in the carrier again? I think his injuries are not that bad to take a few days to catch him(i Hope!). I will try that again.
He has come in our cat flap at night before and may still when were asleep. I have fed him in the hall just by the door when its been raining badly so my next plan was to feed him all the time in the hall one day close the door keeping him in the house and try and get a seditive from the vet - he goes to sleep in the house - i take him to the vet. sounds easy but !!!!! Do you think a vet would let me have a seditive?

I would definately get him neutered and treated for everything. The cat protection legue will help with the costs but i will pay as much as i can to save them money.

I would like to give him a home with my cat who actually gets on with him(they rub noses etc). I dont know if he is a feral cat or a stray ie if he can be homed? I see him in the day and sometimes at night. He has never made a sound. How can ya tell the difference?

Furbaby Mom
03-13-2004, 07:54 AM
When strays have been outside on their own for a while, it is sometimes difficult to tell if they are just scared out of their wits or truly feral. You can gain the trust of a feral and have them live with you - ask the 9 of them that live with me!

As far as luring him into your home to catch him there. I've had a few wander inside and if given free reign of the house, it's sometimes very difficult to catch them. They get inside, stress out and often won't eat there. I can't catch them, but simply chase them to our porch that has an exterior door. I close them in the porch then open the back door and leave them alone to find their way out. But if this boy has come in before, you might be OK with it.

As far as a sedative goes - I understand that temptation. My single experience with giving a wild cat a sedative was that they were so disoriented by it, they actually panicked more on it, but had limited body control so couldn't do much about it. If you chose to do it, make sure he cannot get outside - if he gets out sedated, he is easy prey to a wandering dog. Crush the pill (I have a morter/pestle) and put it in a SMALL amount of canned food. You want him to eat the entire thing.

I think you can get him in a carrier. I trap about 1/2 of the ferals that way, once they are used to me and eating regularly. You have to just set the routine that it is normal to eat inside a carrier with you sitting close by. I have had them push the door open and escape, and I have also lifted the carrier on end (with the door skyward), then closed the door on them.

Last thought - on the day you catch him don't give him a lot of food that day. My vet will neuter the day that I catch them (I do this in the morning), and if they have eaten too much, the anesthesia will make them sick.

03-14-2004, 06:37 AM
Thanks Amy

Will start feeding him in the carrier without shutting the door. it's just a shame he got out the 1st time as he went straight in it no fear at all!

After the vets i'm not sure what to do. I would like to give him a warm safe home. But how do you get him comfortable in our house so he knows he can come and go as he pleases ie if its raining or hes hungry he's not frightened come in.
Would i have to lock him in the house for a while? is it best to keep him in one room or let him use the whole house?

I brought him an outside cat home which is basically like a big rabbit hutch but he rarely uses it! Its so sad to see him soaking wet or out in the cold tring to sleep on the pavement.

I dont see him much at night so i hope he goes somewhere warm!
He must of been treated badly as he cowers down when i stroke him as if he hates it.Poor thing how can people treat animals that way.

I hope to catch him soon - Operation Puddin stage two has began!!

Furbaby Mom
03-14-2004, 08:29 AM
Once you get him back from the vet (notice that I'm assuming you will be succesful?), if he has been neutered, you want to keep him inside at least overnight if not for 2 days to keep an eye on him. Give him his own room and the best way to gain his trust is to simply ignore him for awhile. Sounds counter-intuitive, but he needs to know that he can be totally confident that he has food, fresh water and warmth indoors before he can gain confidence with a human.

If you spend time with him, grab a book, go into the room and simply read out loud to him. If he is hiding under a bed, don't be tempted to peer under it and lure him out. He will come out when he is ready and on his own terms. The regular sound of your voice will be soothing over time. Many cats are soothed by the sound of classical musical music, particularly music with harps in it (don't ask me why).

This process can sometimes take days, and sometimes months. You already have quite a good bond with him (if you are petting him), so the time should be on the shorter side rather than longer.

If you really want to bring this boy around, I really suggest that you don't let him back outside until he has gained some trust with you indoors, then when you let him out, he will be more eager to come back inside.

Always remember with cats - have patience, patience, patience and wait for things to progress on their schedule, not yours.

I'd love to hear how things progress. Please keep posting!

Love Bird B
03-14-2004, 08:51 AM
What a great and fascinating post this is! Tany, good luck with Operation Puddin stage two! Amy, terrific and sound advice all around!

03-14-2004, 01:51 PM
Thanks so much for all your support. Its very much appreciated.

Ive put the carrier (which is quite a big one as i used to have 2 burmese boys and a moggie and they all used to fit in there!)
under my porch which is where he waits for his food.

The chicken and the iams are in the basket since this morning but he hasnt shown up all day yet! that a bit unsual! It has been raining and quite windy all today so i hope thats the reason!

I've also put out some posters to get some info on where he goes. ie if anyone else feeds him and where he goes at night.
Im Very sure noone owns him.
i first started feeding him 2 years ago whem my own blue bermese cat went missing. He was the same colour and someone telephoned me thinkin it was my missing cat. I never saw my cat again very very sadly. But the woman who rang said she had been feeding the stray one for the last two years and tried to find his owners but heard nothing. The woman who used to feed him hasnt seen him for a long time (prob because i feed him now!!)

Furbaby Mom
03-15-2004, 08:39 AM
Sounds like he was meant to be your cat (after he showed up right after yours went missing that is)! If you've been feeding him steady for 2 years, it is most likely that no one else will claim him. And even if they do, ask them to neuter him or just do it yourself! My rule: if they come to my house to eat, they are simply neutered.

With rain and winds, he may be in deep hiding. It sounds like he'll be back.

btw.....he is a beautiful boy - have you named him yet?

03-15-2004, 10:04 AM
Weve named him Puddin! Dont know why i just called him that one day and it stuck! Didn't know what else call a big strong but very cute boy!!! When i get him to the vets (adventually) i will say his names Puddin -no G on the end!!! They will think i'm mad!! ha ha.

He has eaten twice today. His meat in am and warm chicken for lunch which i put in the carrier half way in. The crafty boy didnt stay in there to eat but picked up the food mouth by mouth and took it outside the carrier to eat it! He remembers the door shutting on him alright!!
I hope he will get used to going right in the carrier again or i will have to use the loud trap.

I've had 4 calls from the posters and they have all said they have seen him in my road. Thats quite funny cause i know that but the posters were meant to get info on where else he goes!! ha ha oh well.

Furbaby Mom
03-15-2004, 12:02 PM
Glad he's back! Don't rush the process. If he eats for a few days in the carrier without you closing the door, he will relax a bit. Just keep pushing the food back a little bit deeper each day (inch by inch, or is that centimeter by centimeter?).

I love grey cats, and Puddin is an excellent name!

03-16-2004, 09:50 AM
Puddin has started to eat half way in the carrier today without taking the food out beforehand. so progress is being made.
Thank god for little miricles!! The hard bit for me is to come yet though!!
Sometimes i wish i could just do it and catch him without the emotion involved! It would be easier then!!

Thanks so much for your support it really helps. x

Furbaby Mom
03-16-2004, 01:53 PM
Great! I'll keep looking forward to your daily progress updates.

03-16-2004, 02:51 PM

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Puddin is a gorgeous boy and I hope it all works out! Keep posting - as Love Bird B says, this is a very interesting thread.

03-17-2004, 12:57 PM
Thanks very much for all your support and advice.

Puddin is now eating in the carrier again all the way in so i am going to try and shut the door tomorrow without him getting out again ...... Hopefully!

Since i put posters up in my neibourhood to try and find out where he goes at night etc, I had a call today from a lady who lives down the next road. She said he has been sleeping on top of her outside kennel where her two females live in the summer and curled up under her fur tree in the winter. She has never fed him.
so now i know he is outside at night and we have had snow recently!
The poor thing he must of been freezing!!
All the more reason to catch him asap!!

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.
Luv Tan x

Furbaby Mom
03-17-2004, 05:37 PM
I'm sending ~~~~positive catch Puddin vibes~~~~ your way Tany!!

Good luck tomorrow!!

03-18-2004, 12:30 PM
Ahhhh failed again!!

Must admit i'm not feeling to great this pm after another failed attempt at trying to catch Puddin in the carrier. I think im just too Bl....Y soft to catch him. I'm extreamly disapointed with myself cause this is very hard for me to do. I hate seeing the feared look on his face. He looks at me as if saying "why did you do that, i thought you liked me!" I dont make a very good rescuer do I! Feel a big failer at moment!!

I know its got to be done and he will be better off for it! Has other people felt this way when first trying to catch a stray or am i just an a...hole!

He wont go in the carrier again now so it has to be the trap which i will get tomorrow. Then will start again feeding him in that if he comes back!!

Tan x

Love Bird B
03-18-2004, 01:49 PM
Awww, don't be so hard on yourself! I'm sure Puddin will come around when he's ready. I look so forward to your posts.

Furbaby Mom
03-18-2004, 02:02 PM
I'm sorry, but I have to chuckle. Cats sure are con-artists! They ALL give you either the "I thought you loved me" look, or "wait until I get out of here and I will scratch your eyes out" look.

The first cat that I trapped I was so overwhelmed with guilt that I almost set her free. My husband (who is more practical than I am when it comes to cats) simply said - do you want her to have kittens, or injured in the act of reproducing? I cried the entire way to the vet with her (and btw.....she is now 10 years old, fully feral, but still enjoying her daily feedings and my occassional sneak pet with her).

So, simply brace yourself for a not-so-ideal situation when you trap him, but keep reminding yourself that once this is all over with, he will be healthy, neutered, and will live a much longer life. A few hours of misery by this boy is worth a better life for him. Your mind mantra: this is for his good, this is for his good, this is for his good.

You are not a failure and you are not an a**hole. You are simply a compassionate person who wants to do right for this boy. Your emotion is simply getting the better of you right now - but if you didn't have that emotion, you wouldn't be trying this in the first place!!

Hang in there, deep breaths, relax, and know that you can do this!!

03-18-2004, 04:25 PM
awww... dang it! You'll catch him - don't give up! If only he knew how lucky he is about to be.

03-18-2004, 04:57 PM
Thanks so much all of you. Esp Amy, you've made me feel so much better.
Right, Round three on it's way!!! Picking up the trap tomorrow. Third time lucky!!

Luv Tan x

Furbaby Mom
03-19-2004, 05:30 PM
I know we are on way different time zones. Is it morning by you yet and how's it going with Puddin?

03-20-2004, 08:11 AM
Hiya all

After me 2nd failed attempt on thursday Puddin didnt come back for his grub at all that day or yesterday!- I thought "thats it i've blown it now" We're having horrible weather at mo very windy and raining so i hoped that was the reason!
But................ He was sat on my door step this morning! Yeeha What a relief!!

A bit of good news as well - I had a call from a lady who saw my poster. She lives in the next road and she's been feeding him for the last year around 9am every morning. She doesnt see him at any other time though. I popped over to have a chat yesterday.

It was really funny she was telling me which his fav meals were and they are completely different to his fav meals with me!!
What a Cheeky puddin he is!!
She can stroke him on the head but he also swats and just tollerates it as he does with me!
Her and her hubby who are retired are gonna try and catch him for me at their house. That would be great as he wouln't be frightened around my house. Hee hee :D
I'm a bit worried that if i keep on scaring him here and it is me all the time, he won't settle with me!??

I went to pick up a trap from the cat proctection yesterday but they only had a small one free, the door would have come down on his back as he's quite a big lad, so i didn't bring it home.
It didn't look a "nice" one anyway definately not a Havahart one so i'm trying to get one from elsewhere. With any trap, he's not daft so i would think it will take a while before he gets used to eating in one again like the carrier.
Shame i didn't get him on Thursday cause the poor thing is out in this orible weather!

If i can't get one for next week i was thinking of trying the old "chuck a big blanket over an eating puddin, pick him up and put puddin in one of those cardboard pet carriers" trick?????? I havent tried to pick him up at all yet cause i don't know how he would react.

Or i thought the cunning plan of "shuting him in the house, having a nice hiding place like a cardboard box - he goes in box - i get him to vet" might work!????
Don't think it would be a problem getting him in the house as i've fed him in the hall before but left the door open.

What do you think?

Furbaby Mom
03-20-2004, 10:19 AM
I have one indoor former feral that I didn't take to the vet for 5 years cause I could never get him in a cage (and he lives inside with me). I tried the blanket trick and he got away from me everytime. I tried the sedation trick (he wouldn't eat the ice cream laced with sedative). I tried a live trap and he wouldn't go in it. I have scars on my arms from my many attempts.

btw...the reason why the blanket trick failed was because you can throw it over them, but unless you can reach under lightning fast and scoop him up, he will crawl out of it and be gone in a flash. You would have to have a BIG box or carrier waiting for him if you could even get the blanket around him.

After literally years of trying different things with him (he could read my mind and knew whenever I was even thinking about putting him in a carrier), I finally cornered him in a room with no beds and no big furniture to hide behind. He got into a corner, I had the carrier in the room with the opening facing skyward, I picked him up by the scruff and dropped him inside and closed down the door as he tried to rip my arm open to get away.

Another method that I've used with ferals that won't get into cages is the "drop and grab" technique. I feed them off my back porch which has a one-step stoop by the door. I often sit on the stoop and talk to them as I feed them. The food is placed right off the stoop close to where I sit. I start feeding them closer and closer to where I sit until it is arm distance away. When they are eating, I will hold my arm out perpendicular to my body and over the food pile (about 2 feet over their heads). They will run away at first but they eventually get used to it. In this position with cat feeding, I simply drop my arm, grab their scruff and drop them in the waiting carrier (which of course is open and facing skyward. It is best when they are facing away from you and don't see the movement from your arm.

If you use any kind of box, it needs to be incredibly secure. The minute he hits it, he will fight like crazy to escape. The lid needs to be very secure (taped if necessary). He will also try to chew his way out of it. I don't recommend a cardboard box. How big is your carrier? I have one that is large enough for a 20 pound dog, so it has a bigger opening and is easier to work with wild cats.

Trapping at the neighbors is a good idea. Tomahawk or havaheart traps are usually good, but I have found that traps from animal control can work. Some vets keep traps that you can borrow also (although my vet borrows mine cause it is better than his).

03-20-2004, 05:25 PM
Thanks so much for the great advice. You've had lots of fun and games then!
and there was me thinking -catch lovely stray, take to vet, give him caring home - simple!!!! ........(not!) :)

The blanket idea dosn't sound to hopefull then! I can see that can fail quite easily and frighten him more in the process!

The carrier i've got is fairly big. I got a big one so the 3 of my cats (have only 1 left now sadly) would all get in it in comfort but the opening is smaller so it would be difficult to turn it up skyward and drop him in.

What i would like to do is get him in the house and give him a seditive. Do you know if a vet will give me a seditive even if they haven't seen the cat before?

Will ring the neibours on tomorrow see if they can get him for me Thats even better!! Hee Hee

03-20-2004, 07:18 PM
Just a quickie - someone has said i could use a herbal mild seditive for cats that travel as they sell those in pet stores. Are these safe?
would the vets let me do that?

What seditve did you try on your cat? What reaction does it have? possibly it might not make much difference as he's "not tame" and its a mild one!

Cheers Tan

Furbaby Mom
03-21-2004, 09:28 AM
Frankly I don't remember what the sedative was. I remember it to be a small white pill. My vet gave it to me when I asked him for it, but I have a very good relationship with him and he trusts my judgement on a lot of things (if a week goes by and I don't see him for something or another he worries about me). You will need to have some idea what Puddin weighs (the sedative strength that he gives you will need to match his weight).

I've not used herbal remedies but I have heard of Bach's essense and others.

If you get him in your house and in a confined room, the sedative idea may work for you. It will simply make them relaxed and sometimes sleepy. It can also make them a bit anxious about feeling "different", so still be cautious with them on a sedative. They can lash out by biting or scratching to defend themselves (think of a sick cat trying to defend himself).

03-21-2004, 10:10 AM
This has been very interesting, I've been everyplace mentioned lol.

A few times in desperation when caged cat would not settle down and there was no hope of any type of sedation, I threw alot of fresh catnip into cage and waited.

Most times the cat would calm after a time, a couple times they got so looped they could actually be handled briefly. Of course, there were times it had NO effect at all.

I've also used this in the grooming shop when I've had a very anxious cat I needed to shave matts off of in sensitive places. Again, it works sometimes lol.

As a groomer, I am not able to administer drugs and would not give any drugs to a cat without vet supervision, I've found them too unreliable as far as dosages and reactions to sedatives, even when customer dosed the cat before it came in with sedative given by their vet.

This is from my own experiences only, and grooming them is a little different from just transporting.

Amy's suggestions are right on the money lol, I've done all that in the past. You sure have to be nimble to accomplish that, don't you?

03-21-2004, 11:20 AM
Haaa Haaaa Haaa--CATNIP!!!!!!! Yehaaaaaaa

I get it occasionaly for my moggie Ben and i've just tried it on Pudd. He went loppy dooppy over it. Much more than Ben ever has! I put a bit on the porch mat where he eats and after eating his tuna he couldn't resist it. Rolling around like a mad thing!! Then off he went.

I think i've just found a way to get him anywhere i want ! Yeahhhhhhhhhh Blo....Y Marvelous!!!! Sorry for the swearing but now i'm estatic!!! :D

Next time he comes -- in the house you go Pudd!!

03-21-2004, 11:34 AM
Every cat has his/her vice? lol, hope it works for you! Let us know!

03-22-2004, 02:52 PM
A little more work needed with the catnip and feeding in the hallway i think!!
Too true wat you all say - You can't rush a cat!!

I fed Puddin every time in the hallway today (instead of the porch) with me chatting and lying close to him which didn't seem to bother him! But ..Every time i went to shut the door he dashed out and just sat in the porch!

The last time i fed him he was half way in the door so i put some catnip on the inside door mat and he had lots of fun rolling around in it! It was lovely to see him relax a tiny bit!! Unfortunately as he was on the door mat - I couldn't shut the door!! DOH!! :rolleyes:

Tomorrow will try simular thing but get that door shut!! I will cover up the cat flap incase he hurts himself trying to get out through that.

Then what happens! - I will have a very frightened Puddin in the hallway and need to get him up stairs in the spare room! I'm not sure how he will react with the door shutting and me lying close at the time!

Me plan was to shut all the doors except the spare room's (where a hideaway bed, food, litter tray etc are waiting for him) and hope he makes his way up there!!??? I'm a bit worried for my Cat Ben as i do not know if Pudd has anything contageous yet! so i need him in the spare room before letting Ben out of my bedroom!! (and before my hubby gets home from work to let him in the front door!)
Knowing my luck he will just stay by the door!!

If all goes well (big IF!!) i then need to get him in the carrier to go to the vets!

Oh me Puddin, if only you knew the stress i'm going through!! :)
Won't give up though!!

03-22-2004, 04:55 PM
Oh Tany.. although I can sympathize and relate to you.. I'm chuckling at your posts. How can such a small animal put a person through so much LOL. Keeping fingers crossed Puddin will finally get to the vet soon ;) .. good luck!

Furbaby Mom
03-22-2004, 10:31 PM
As you try to get him up to the bedroom, close every door to every room of the house except that bedroom. If he finds his way into a room that you don't want him in, good luck getting him out! And if the room you are taking him to is a bedroom, he will hide under the bed if there is one in there. That's OK for a while, but if he doesn't come out after a week or so, take out the frame and put the mattress on the floor.

Perhaps you can lock Ben in a separate room while you are corraling him thru the house?

Glad to see you made some progress today! All this for a little ball of fur! I would do the same thing (and have!).

Sending more positive vibes your way!

03-23-2004, 07:29 AM
Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOT HIM!!

Well put it this way - I'm hiding in the lounge, my cat Ben is in my bedroom, all the doors are shut except the spare room and Pudds is somewhere in the hall or the spare room. Ha Ha and it's just started to hail outside but Pudds not out there!! Ha Ha Ha!

He came round for his din din for the first time today at 12pm. Which is unusal, he's normally waiting for me at 6.30 in the morning!
I put some chicken in the hall with the door adjar, layed down near so i could shut door with me leg. He was havin none of that and just waited in the door way until :eek: ......Catnip time Hee Hee.
I put some cat nip in my hand and he smelt it , he came right in following my hand. I put some in the hall out of reach of the door and waited till he was rolling like a goodin! Then as he was facing the other way - i shut the door. Yehhhhhh. I was shakin at the time not sure how he would react!!

But he just got up looked at the door and went upstairs. I though i'd better leave him to it for a bit and snuck into the lounge downstairs.
Thats where i am now. I can't hear anything so i am hopeing he will find one of the hidey places in the spare room (There's no bed) and i can then shut him in. Its 12.30pm now so i have 3 and half hours till my hubby gets home to get him in the spare room!

Hope it won't be that long the bathrooms upstairs! I'll just have to hang on a bit!!! One thing i've learn't ---Go to the loo before trapping cat!! :o

Furbaby Mom
03-23-2004, 11:12 AM
Woohoo! Doing the happy cat dance for you!

Now, to get him in that carrier! :)

03-23-2004, 11:42 AM
Hee Hee Thanks Amy. From your previous posts i can see thats gonna be the hardest bit!! oh well i can climb mountains now!!!!
At least he's not out in the orrible weather and although i never knew where he went at night, he will be in a warm home from now on! :D

At the mo he's safely in the spare room, door shut and last seen hiding behind a chair (one of the hidey places i made sure was there). Thank god it didn't take him long to get in the spare room Both me and Ben were dying to go to the loo!!

Not sure how i'm gonna get him in the carrier yet but were on our way at last!! :)

Love Bird B
03-23-2004, 02:00 PM
What great news! Good job Mommy! :p

03-23-2004, 02:17 PM
Yippee! With everyone's heads together, it's happening!

Try leaving carrier open with catnip in it, maybe. After he goes in to get it a few times you may be able to shut door!

03-23-2004, 02:30 PM
Thanks to you all. Don't know how would be without your advice, knowledge and support.

He hasn't moved since 12pm today - not eaten or drank one bit. I've popped in twice since and layed on the floor talking to him.

Is that normal for them not to eat or drink?

I must admit i'm feeling very guilty now! (can't win can I!!) Poor things been imprisioned in a room when he's used to freedom! Am i doing the right thing!!! :confused:

03-23-2004, 02:40 PM
In my own experiences, it's perfectly normal. Cats seem to have their own time frames for adjusting to new situations, they have made me panic they would starve before they got used to things and started to behave normally again.

They won't eat, potty or move when they're so unsure, you may notice changes gradually as he becomes more accustomed. It may take a long time in your opinion, not his.

Dogs, cats & kids seldom like what is best for them. That's why sometimes MOM just has to take charge.

Furbaby Mom
03-23-2004, 10:09 PM
He'll be scared for a bit. If he doesn't use the litter box, you might have to put some fresh dirt in the box (as he was used to going in the garden).

Grab a good book, go in there and read it out loud but ignore him and don't make eye contact (that threatens them). He will get used to your voice quickly.

And agree - put tempting tidbits in the open carrier like catnip or good stinky food.

And patience, patience, patience. You're working his schedule not yours!

03-24-2004, 12:58 AM
WoooooHooooo... good job mom!. You're absolutely doing the right thing, he'll be domesticated before you know it ;). Keep us updated on the crating and trip to the vet :)

03-24-2004, 02:55 AM
Bad News Ahhhhhhhh
He was quiet all day not eating, staying in one place. Then in the eve he was scratching at the door trying to get out and crying every hour or so.

I just went into him and he was sat on the window sill behind the curtain. He had eaten all his chicken and half the meat thank god. I stayed in the for 10 mins talking to him. When i came out and shut the door he started to cry again loudly. I went back in and he was out from the curtain but still on the sill. He then hissed at me and hid behind the curtain.
So i thought i better leave him be.

Then some time in the night, he somehow got the door open (it doesn't have a lock but was shut tight) and got out through the cat flap which was unlocked for my cat.
Feel as if I've let him down badly cause now he will be scared of the house and me!! Poor thing just because i'm too bl...y soft he has been messed about.
Sorry guys - ive let you down too.
Tan x

03-24-2004, 05:02 AM
And he's just been back for breakfast! Feel a bit better now he come back.
It cant of been that bad in the spare room then!! Cheeky monkey!

Back square one again. :rolleyes:

How do you all do this - this is just one cat. Tell ya wat - you are all fantastic, strong and brave people. Thank god for people like you cause if you were all like me (too soft) then the animals would suffering much longer!!

03-24-2004, 08:32 AM
So I guess now you've learned you need the patience of a saint? And that the cat will do things on his own schedule?

So you're back to square one, he's not going to leave his *gravy train*. You may need to go slower this time so he don't feel you're trying to trap him right off. Definately secure the window before trying again, ferals are notorious for escape!

Don't give up, you've already come miles!

03-24-2004, 01:44 PM
Thanks for that. I won't give up -he's has already wormed his way into me hart!

He is such a Character! He's been at the porch door about 8 times today and has only wanted to eat 3 times which i'm glad about (nobody wants too much fat on a puddin!) :D
The other times he's just sat in the middle of the door way doin nothing! (i've kept the door open when he arrives). I keep tellin him that i wish he would come in cause it's cold outside and it's gettin pretty cold in the house with the door open!!
It's like he doesn't know what he wants - he wanted out last night when he was in a warm house and now its like he wants in but just sits there. :confused: Good god i wish i could speak cat!!
I will get some photos of him next time!!
He still likes the ole catnip but is more wiery as he won't go near it in the hall!!

He's not frightned of me at all when he's by the door. I can still go right up close. He sniffs my hand and doesn't budge a bit.

Earlier i had my cat Ben in the lounge rolling in catnip and Pudd was on the door mat rolling in catnip. They could both see each other and weren't worried a bit.
That was nice cause for a while it was like they were both at home!

I can't understand that if he's not scared of me or Ben why he just doesn't make himself at home! My Hubby thinks he just chooses to be outside and we should force him in!?
I would just love him to come in when its cold, raining and he's hungrey. If he doesn't want to be a cuddly cat thats fine just as long as he's comfortable.

03-25-2004, 06:54 AM
It was really wierd yesterday. Since his big escape in the night he's been around alot much more than usual. He was even here last night at 11pm and i got up this am to get a drink at 5 this morning and he was on the door step. He hasn't turned up in the night time for a good year!

I wonder if the stay in the spare room has effected him a bit? i.e he was in the warm! - although moaning alot about it!!
Or is it the catnip!! Ha Ha. Better get some more of that!!

I am now getting a big trap. know it wont be very nice but at least i can get him to the vets then back to the spare room.
I could prob get him back in the spare room now but it could be harder to get him in the carrier in there cause at one point he hissed at me when he was in there.

Thanks so much for all your patience and continued support. I'm determined to give him a better life.
Tan x

03-25-2004, 06:57 AM
That's cool! Maybe you showed him something good that he wants but just dont trust yet!

Patience, patience.

(Check pm, or feel free to email me if you'd like to gab more. I have lots of patience lol)

Furbaby Mom
03-25-2004, 05:11 PM
Sounds like he is a bit scared, but his night in the house sounds like he bonded to you some more! The hiss in the bedroom was just his way of telling you he was scared in there. But you can't blame him! You did turn his world around overnight and he was only in there for a little while. In time, when he fully trusts you, he will want to be with you. But his schedule just hasn't caught up with yours yet!

You're doing great! No failures if you've learned a little by everything you have done with his thus far. Keep your determination up Tany - we're all rooting for you!

03-26-2004, 09:33 AM
Here's a couple more photo's of Puddin. I would of liked to get him have a roll in the catnip but he wasn't playing at the time!!

He has definately got worms as i have seen the little "sesame seed like" bits on his bum!! and he has also got ear mites as he keeps shaking his head.
Allmost certainly hes got fleas as well and god knows what else!

I have rang the RSPCA animal group here and they are bringing me a trap so i can get him to the vets. Hopefully soon! I wonder if he would like me to take a photo of his enormous "balls" as he wont have them for long!! :D

Tan x

Love Bird B
03-26-2004, 09:55 AM
Tani, good luck in getting poor Puddin' to the vet. I would think he would calm down once he's parasite free. I'm scratching just thinking about it. :eek:

03-27-2004, 06:53 AM
Hiya all

I'm getting the cat trap today and i've asked for a bigger one as the one from the cat proctection group although it was a havahart one it was the size for catching squirrels and the trap door would have come down on his back! I was gonna buy one and then give it to the cat proctection but could i get a Havahart or Tomahawk in England on the internet - No! :rolleyes:

One question i wanted to ask all you experts is- is it normal for cats to scratch and cry loudly for ages when theyv'e been caught. How long does this go on for normally :confused:

Not that i mind the noise, i just worry about him. All the cats i've had the joy to be owned by have never done that and 3 of them were from rescue centres. When Pudd started it i thought there was something wrong i.e he wanted to go to the loo but wouldn't use the litter tray!

03-27-2004, 07:16 AM
How long will they carry on? Hours, days, forever? Every one is different, they are terrified, and maybe downright angry. Imagine being trapped and sitting there waiting, not knowing what will happen.

I have covered cage before, occasionally the dark will relax them. And there's always catnip in there for a little calming.

We're all pulling for you!

O my, O my, furbabymom, check out the pics!

(drat it tany, check your private messages! that is up top by your login.)

Furbaby Mom
03-27-2004, 07:34 AM
OFC I have checked out the pictures and I'm in love!

Some cats will jump around in traps to the point that they will bloody themselves. Definitely drape a towel or 2 over the trap once you get him inside. It cuts off their visual of the world and usually calms them down. Don't get too upset if this happens and don't give in and let him go! He's trying to con you into releasing him and you just need to be firm with yourself and say NO. Just remember - a little bit of anger and frustration on his part for a better life in the long run.

Both Havaheart and Tomahawk make different size traps. You definitely need one big enough for cats or raccoons.

03-27-2004, 09:26 AM
Glad you liked the pics x I must admit every time i look at me Pudd me heart melts!

I've got the trap. Hate the look of it and the thought of me Pudd being terrified in that thing but he needs to got to vets so i will have to be strong for him.
Might give the people a ring down the road. see if they would catch him in it instead. They arnt so attached to him and have caught strays before and that means he wont be terrified round his new future home!
Yes i know i'm a chicken!! I get too emotional, the soft ass i am!! :rolleyes:

Soooo pleased i found all of you to help me. xx

03-27-2004, 11:09 AM
Ah at last i have a photo of Puddin catnipin! I'd love to give him a cuddle!!
Hopefully i will. :)

03-28-2004, 02:00 AM
Puddin is adorable... looks to be a Russian Blue!.

Good luck... be strong Tany, he'll love you forever for it. I honestly think he'll settle down after awhile and stop scratching and crying. I've taken in Ferals and they settle right in after awhile, some take a little longer than others... you'd never know they were wild hunters prior ;) . They're just scared and confused in the beginning. Being wild is all he's probably ever known and it will be a big adjustment for him... but one he'll learn to accept and love with time.

04-01-2004, 03:11 AM
Not much happened today. Pudd only came round once today to eat - not so good!! I'm like a yoyo up down going to the door every 5 minutes to see if he's there!! Me hubby thinks i've got worms too!!
I even took me bike out for a ride to look for him and found him after a female 2 roads away!! got to get that boy neutered asap!!

will put trap out morrow and feed him in it for a couple of days.

Had a busy day yesterday but managed to get the trap cleaned up and put his food in one end leaving the trap fixed open. He wouldn't go in it. By late eve he still hadn't eaten and as it was gonna be a cold eve i took the food out of the trap and fed him. Didn't want him facing a frezzing night hungry!!

Have put the trap back out today but he having none of it so far. He even isn't interested in the cat nip!! He seems quite lethargic today. when i gave him a one mouthfull of chicken outside the trap, he didnt eat it! I wonder if he is ill??

04-01-2004, 03:15 AM
No luck so far. He's definatatly not going in that trap. and he's not eating as well as before nor intrested in the catnip.
He seems to be backing off a bit ie not sitting in the porch but just on the outside of it.
Gonna have to get him to the vets soon. i think he's not well.
Tan x

04-01-2004, 03:19 AM
You are so funny Tany...He might be really tired after chasing the girls around ;) . He's probably being real careful after the last incident when you caught him the first time, they're pretty smart creatures. I would leave the trap out with food in it and not give him any food on the side and see what happens. I think if you wrote a book on this it would be on the best sellers list LOL :D .... keep us posted!!.

Furbaby Mom
04-01-2004, 08:15 AM
OK, as cruel as this sounds, you need to get that boy hungry enough to get him inside the trap. Take a strong plastic tie and tie the trap door open and only put food in the trap. After 3 days, remove the tie so the door will close.

You gotta do this Tan! If he is impregnating females right now, there are 1) more unwanted babies coming into the world, and 2) potential injuries or illness waiting for Puddin.

Be strong girl!!

04-01-2004, 09:01 AM
I've only caught this thread recently and found it so interesting. However, had nothing to add until now. I love Pudd's picture, what a unique and beautiful cat! Love the eyes.

04-01-2004, 12:41 PM
It could be the trap thats putting him off eating! But will not feed him the slightest morcel out of the trap for a while. He's probably sulking saying -"look, put me food outside of that thing will you, I'm not going in there. Do ya think i'm stupid or something!" :rolleyes:

Question - Whats it like when you sruff a stray? How do they react? Do they go balistic or can't do much?
Do ya reckon i might hav a chance doing that and getting him in the carrier or anything. He's big tom so would he be difficault to hold with one hand maybe my hubby could do it as he's stronger! Someone said try giving him Rescue remedy first it carms them down. I know it calms me down i've brought the bloody company! :D

I keep saying to meself "oh for gods sake just get him and take him to the vets will you!

04-07-2004, 12:53 PM
It's been really bad weather so i have only seen pudd 3 times. He actually went in the 1/2 in the trap yesterday but took the food mouthful by mouthful out to eat it each time!! Crafty monkey!! I will put the food all the way at the back now and with a bit of luck he will start going all the way in.

I got a plastic trap on Saturday. It's the same thing but very quiet when it shuts. Yeahhhhhh! I have taken this one round to the people down the road and they have set it up in their garden where Pudd eats.

A Bit of good news -- Putting the plastic trap round the neighbours is working. Pat (the neighbour) rang me this am to say he has been going in the trap eating and not worried at all about it. He doesn't suspect a thing! Hee Hee!

She is going to set the trap tomorrow am. I have rang the vets and they can see him tomorrow and do all his bits in one go. So if he gets caught in the trap tomorrow is the big day. The day i have been waiting for for ages!!

Fingers crossed cause if it doesn't work tomorrow the last day then would be Tuesday as the neighbours are off on a months hol on Weds next week! and he would be wiery round there too!
It would then be back to trying to get him to go in the trap at my house which still isn't working!!

My sister is taking Pudd and me down to the vets if all works out ok as i don't drive yet. (starting a bit late in life!!)
Do you think it is best if i went in the vets with him as he knows my voice or best not too as he might associate the "nasty vet" with my voice? I don't want to hinder any trust he has in me!

And whats best to put in the litter tray? I've got the clumping type litter or the non clumping one or i could use soil. He didn't use the tray last time he was in the room and the non clumping one was in there.

04-07-2004, 10:14 PM
Keeping fingers crossed!. You should be fine going to the vet with him and just experiment with the litter, use what works when he gets home from the vet. GOOD LUCK!!!!. :D

04-10-2004, 07:19 AM
The trap didn't go off on Thursday. i'm so disapointed. :(

I got all ready to go as soon as Pat would ring to say they got him and when the phone went i thought yes - here we go my Pudd. But she said they failed to get him. He went into the trap and they waited for it to go off and when it didn't , they went out to try and trigger it while he was still in it but he saw them and ran off. :(

He does go back there in the afternoons so they were going to try again later that day. I rang the vets to ask if we could try again in the afternoon and they said no! -as they would only take him in the mornings. I can't belive how un helpful they are. I really feel noone in my local area is helping except pat and we both are novices at this!

I asked the vets when next we could bring him in and they said Weds morning but that would be too late as Pat is going on hol and their last day to trap him would be Tuesday. They finally agreed to take him in on Tues if we get him.

So thats it for now till tuesday.

Cat&Dog mom
04-10-2004, 07:35 PM
Tany, I couln't help but to be captivated by your venture with puddin, I just read the whole thing, I just became a member on the forum this week. Do you know and have an emergency vet # and lacation on hand just incase he does get really bad before Tues? Prayers to you and Puddin for a safe capture and healthy long life with you in your warm loving home ;)

04-13-2004, 07:55 AM
Wow, I have just read this whole thread in one, found it now.

I admire you for not giving up and for your love of this cat. This is a great thing you're doing, I'm so glad you haven't given up, I feel a lot of people would have by now, you have come so far and I know it will be worth it in the end.

He is a beautiful cat, I am definitely going to be watching this thread and I really wish you all the luck in the world!

I was thinking would it be a good idea to put a blanket of some kind in the carriers he will go in so it has his smell on it, then when you eventually catch him it may make him feel a little more comfortable having his scent about the place.

My cats love that sheep fur looking stuff which is really fluffly and a white/creamy colour.

04-13-2004, 12:59 PM
Hiya all- No vets today

All was set up at the vets for this am and when Pat rang i was crossing me fingers she had managed to get him --- but ( yes there's a but!!!) she said he won't go in the trap at all now!! Very simular to the trap at my house , he won't go in that either!!. He's one smart cat!! I reckon he likes his flea, worm and tic friends and wants to keep them!!!

He hasn't been eating with me as the food is in the trap. He was going away without eating!! Same is now happening at Pat's house with her trap.
When i found out it didn't work this morning and he came round this afternoon and still wouldn't go in the trap to eat, i must admit i fed him. I was worried he hadn't eaten with me since last week and his eyes were weeping so i think he has an infection. He didn't eat much!
I wonder if someone else is feeding him?

Pat and her hubby Alan are going to try and grab him tomorrow am before they go on holiday. He is quite a passive lad but we're not sure how he would react if picked up. They are going to give it a go though. Oh i hope they get him. i am worried about any infection or illness he might have.
If they miss tomorrow, then it's back to just me. I might have to resort to the netting idea with Brenda from the cat protection. I'm running out of plans and ideas now!!

I'm still not giving up but don't know what to do next?

Hi Leeanne and cat&Dog Mom. Thanks very much for your support, i need it at the mo!!
Great idea re the sheep blanket. i got one to put in his outside cattery (which is like a big rabbit hutch) He dosen't go in the threre much. Last week i found a hedgehog all snuggled up in there! Blooming Cheek!!!

04-14-2004, 04:11 AM

Nope they didn't get him this am. They haven't seen him this morning so couldn't try the throw blanket and pick up the Pudd method. They did catch a hedgehog in the trap though!
Whoops that leads me to belive they left the trap set all night which i did say wasn't good to do. The poor hedgy must have been terrified! Fortunately the Harry the Hedgy doesn't need the vets so i won't be going today!!

Back to just me then guys! Next step is???
1- Try the plastic trap at my house instead of the metal one.
2- Try the carrier thing again?
3- Invent a harmless stun gun
4- Get Brenda to net him
5- Borrow a snake charm flute and try and charm him into the carrier
6- Go mad and take a week off at the funny farm

What do ya reckon?

04-15-2004, 05:40 PM
I am trying number one option 1st and have left the plastic trap open and placed his food just a quarter of the way inside to try and get him used to eating in it without it going off...Yet!!

He has eaten the food just inside the door today so thats a start. He wasn't going in the metal one at all!! It might take a while before he gets used to it but i don't know what else is best to try.

Luv Tan x

04-15-2004, 05:58 PM
Tany your amazing!

I think after I got done ripping all the hair out of my head, I would go for option 4. It may seem a bit brute, but it seems this kitty really needs some medical treatment. And I would hope Brenda will be gentle when she is netting him.

He may be a bit upset at first at the manner in which you got him, but I think once he is feeling better and having all your wonderful care he will come around.

Best of luck!

04-16-2004, 12:04 AM
Tany i don't know if this will help or not.We was camping one time and somebody drop a cat off in the campground.It was a beautiful tabby.I tried to get close to it but to no avail.I started talking to it at a distance and the next day i went a little bit closer and talked to it.After four days i was within 20 feet of it and just talking and telling it how beautiful it was.After awhile i got up and was walking back to the camper and i looked behind me and there he was following me.I stopped to talk to him and he stopped but was real close.I got back to the camper and kept Babba inside and put out some food for it.The cat trusted me then and i walked over within two feet of him but he wouldn't let me touch him.
We had to leave and i couldn't get him to come into the camper or let me pick him up so i had to leave him with a tear in my eye.There was another camper there that was going to there for awhile and i told the lady the story.I give her a bag of cat food and she said she would love to have him.I hope she got him and gave him a good home.I still think about him and one day i will go back and just maybe run into the lady and i hope him again.
Try and go real slow and try and get the cats trust and just maybe he will come to you.

04-17-2004, 12:54 AM
I would go for number 4. I must sound very brute, but this is a desperate situation. There is NO time to lose.

04-17-2004, 07:08 AM

Thanks for your advice. I will have to use option 4 as a last resort but don't really want to terrify him that much if i can help it. The question is do i push this cat and be ruthless (someone else would have to do that cause i'm to soft and think too much of him to do it, sorry guys!) or carry on trying to get him at the not so terrifying ways?
I know he needs to be treated and neutered asap as the longer i fail, he could be making unwanted kittens and has his annoying guests all over him but luckly where i live he is the only stray with all the other cats well looked after. There are some unetuered females around but they are mainly kept in. Still it only takes 5 minutes to mate (at least that what my hubby tells me!!) :eek:

The trap plan is failing. He just won't go in it at all. I've got to think of something else.

Does anyone have any cunning plans of how to catch him in the house? I don't mind doing that at all and i think i can get him back in as yesterday i had him catnipping again on the hall mat inside the door.
I would rather not corner him and have to scruff him to get him in a carrier I know i wouldn't be strong enough and too soft to do it so any other ideas would be very greatly received. Belive me i am only this "wimpy" with animals!

I have been thinking of ways i could lure him into a carrier or box if i can get him in the house again.
The last time i managed this, he went straight upstairs into the spare room which was the only door open and hid by the chair in there. There was a box in there for a hidey place for him but he didn't go in it. I think he sayed by the chair as he would of had a means of escape (ie it wasn't closed in!?)

I was thinking of putting a strong box in the bathroom with a cunning trap door which i could close from the stairs. If this was the only place to hide then would he go in it? Or as he didn't use the boxes the first time would he not go in it?

What you reckon??
Sorry if anyone is frustrated with me as i haven't got him yet. :o
Luv Tan x

04-17-2004, 10:01 AM
I'm also trying to find out what type of breed he is. Do you think he's a chartreux? http://www.fanciers.com/breed-faqs/chartreux-faq.html
He dosen't match the British blue cause of his face and the Russian blue seems too slimline? Any ideas?

I felt like a right nutter yesterday as i asked the lady across our close if her female cat was on heat and did she know of any female that was! You should of seen her face when i explained why!! :)

Cat&Dog mom
04-17-2004, 11:29 AM
Have you tried sprinkling the catnip on a old blanket or towel, that a way maybe he will be so into rolling in it you will have time to shut the door on the carrier? Don't feel quilty about how you catch him, sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures, he's already comming back into the hall, he will forgive you. Keep up the good work and you can't do #6 till you get him HEEHEE.

Did she call you a crazy cat lady?LOLLOL

04-20-2004, 11:16 AM
Hiya I've just managed to escape from the funny farm. The electric shocks they give you in there arn't very pleasent at all!!
It's amazing how one little "clever" cat can effect your sanity! I think this is the most frustrating thing i've ever had to do!! Even i am saying to meself - look just get him will you!!

Not much has happened since Sat except i have been feeding him in the hall all the time and he's not scared of me lying close to him. I reckon i can get him back in the house then i just need to get him from the spare room into a carrier to the vets. See easy aint it !!!!!! (NOT) Ha Ha!!
I rang the vets today to see if they would give me a seditive and they said no -only if you bring him in so the vet can see him first!!! DER !!!!!! thats what i'm trying to do!!!! Arnt my vets intelligent!!!

Thanks soooo much for keeping with me through this.

Good idea Cat & Dog Mom i will put the carrier by the hall and put his cat nip in there see if goes in it. Thats the problem i am going to have when i can get him back shut inside the house again!
How about me crawling in the carrier to show him " Look Pudd it's ok in here"!! Oh dear where's that straight Jacket!! Hee Hee!

Just as i type this it's freezing in the lounge as i have a catnipping Pudding just beyond the inside door mat! I can walk in and out of the kitchen now (which is next to the front door) and although he looks up he stays there. I sing to let him know where i am. I bet he's getting fed up with my singing !!! Ha Ha Serves him right for being so difficult!!

Tan x

04-20-2004, 11:36 AM
Hey I've just had a phone call from the RSPCA and they are gonna help me blanket him and put him in the carrier when i've got him in the house. Yipee someone who isn't a wimp!! Hee Hee. Yehaaaa.

It's getting very cold in here the little monkey has gone to sleep on the door mat inside as i'ts raining. I can't shut the door. What a looney i am sat here shivering so he stays dry!! Do you know anyone as mad as me???Hee Hee.

04-20-2004, 05:00 PM
Tany you have the patience of a saint. Your not as crazy as you think. We have a cat that we fed as a stray where my husband used to work. She wasn't as hard to catch thank goodness. She now won't even go near the outside door. She simply sleeps all day on my grandmas' bed. Hang in there you'll catch him soon and all will be well.

04-21-2004, 08:23 AM
Happy to hear you are getting some help Tany. And your not crazy for freezing to keep him dry, any cat lover would do that ;-)

Hang in there, you are amazing! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and the kitty!

04-22-2004, 04:50 PM
Hey it's really going well so far at getting Pudd back in the house.
He let me stroke his head today without flinching at all. No purring unfortunately!
I was so surprised cause in the past when i've gently touch his head he cawered down. But this time he was sat up and just shut his eyes and i stroked him for ages. He a lovely lovely lad he is. He's stayed on the hall mat again for a while too. Every day i get that bit closer to him.

I'm gradually moving the chicken further into the hall every time. I reckon he's in soon!!

I got the feliway today. The spray, the plug in and the one you spray on yourself. Didn't go too mental then!!! Ha Ha.

I am definately getting the RSPCA to catch him when he's in the spare room, no question, but forgive me for saying this ...they are bound to terrify him in there and i am worried he won't settle in the spare room after and loose all his trust he has gained in me esp lately.
I know i have no other option but you all know me by now "big softie!!" In all your experiences do they remember?

The chocolate Burmese i had was 1st brought by a nursing home at 12 weeks old and they had him for a week but kept locking him in a cupboard out of the way. He was returned to the breeders and i got him. Bow always hated a closed door ever since!

Luv Tan x

Cat&Dog mom
04-22-2004, 06:19 PM
Will he still not go in the carrier? If he will go in, can't you just shut it and put a towel on over it, during vet hours of course so you can take him in right away? I think they do remember some but I don't think he'll be mad at you he'll be mad at the carrier. Whenever I bring out the cat carrier my two go into hiding, because they know where they are going, but they don't take it out on me and I'm the one that has to put them in the carrier (not an easy task). But they still love me and are ok when we get home.
I hope Puddin will be the same. This may sound like a dumb question, what is a feliway?

04-22-2004, 07:17 PM
A phermone for cats. It can help soothe. If everything smells familiar and the same, the cat may show less fear or suspicion.

04-23-2004, 04:10 AM
Hiya cat&Dog mum
Unfortunately he won't go any where near the carrier. He remembers the two times i tried to get him in that and he got away both times cause i was too slow at shutting the door. Tell ya wat if i had that chance again i wouldn't be so slow knowing now it would be the lesser of two evils - the carrier or RSPCA blanketing him!

I was thinking of trying a box (someting different than the carrier or trap) in the hall as he is eating there quite happily now. He comes straight in when i put his food down. I thought i could start putting the food in the box then shutting it. Will only have one chance of that and if i fail again he won't be comin back in the hall for a while!! so bang goes getting him in the spare room for the RSPCA.

It's a case of definately getting him with the RSPCA but will be harder to settle him after (maybe never) or trying a gentler approach again and hope he would settle in better later?

Which do you reckon is best for him?

04-23-2004, 08:11 AM
Tany, not sure if this will help but worth a shot. When I adopted my cats both were pretty sick. Fatboy got over his pretty fast. But Princess had a very hard time getting better. We went through about 1 year of having her on medication and having to see the vet about every other week, pretty much each time she was getting injected with something and getting liquid under the skin.

We thought she was going to end up hating us, with all the meds we had to force her to take and the pokings with sharp objects. We even thought Fats would not be very happy with us because from day 1 we were shoving meds in him as well.

Things turned out fine. We would get a bit of the cold shoulder when we took her home from the vet, but we never had a problem with them being afraid or not trusting us. I hated having to put Princess through all of that, but I sure was not going to let her go with out treatment.

Cats are very intelligent, It sounds like your a caring person, I'm sure Pudding will pick up on that and not hold too much of a grudge.

04-23-2004, 12:03 PM
OOOOOOOOOO I fed him this am in the hall as usual ,not so cold in the lounge today, suns out!
I went into the lounge to get the pc going and suddenly there was a Puddin a little way into the lounge looking at me , stood there then walked out again and out of the front door off into the sun.

Thanks for that Niterose. Right thats decided then RSPCA to the rescue! I reckon next week is it then! I don't think i will have a problem getting him back in the house now. I actually can't wait to find out how he actually is medically. I hope nothing too serious for his sake.

Have you noticed from the photo's his right eye is always cloudy in every photo - as if he has a catteract or someting. He could be blind in that eye?? I really want to know what the clumps of hair are on his back too and i've seen quite few ticks on him lately.

Even if it dosen't work out and he won't settle in the house then at lease the little lad has been treated.
I hope he will settle though as he's getting on now and it's horrible to see him sleeping outside my door curled up trying to keep warm.
There's a lovely new snuggle bed and a new scratching post waiting for him upstairs altough my Ben has taken a big liking to the snuggle bed!! Typical!
Ben has 4 beds to chose from already plus mine. I bet he won't give up his radiator bed for pudd inplace of the snuggle one though!!
Fingers crossed for next week.
Luv Tan x

04-23-2004, 02:40 PM
"I really want to know what the clumps of hair are on his back"

Mange maybe?

Again good luck with everything!! I also hope that he does not have any severe medical problems.

Love Bird B
04-23-2004, 02:50 PM
"I really want to know what the clumps of hair are on his back"

Mange maybe?

Again good luck with everything!! I also hope that he does not have any severe medical problems.

:( Cheeze, this poor kitty. I hope you can get him to the vet soon.

04-23-2004, 03:20 PM
Not sure if it's mange. It could be but i would of thought that alot of his hair would be missing but me no vet so yeah you could be right. Also hoping the clumps arnt Ringworm (i looked it up on the web)cause that can take ages to heal and very infectious to cats.
The ticks are orrible. I tryed to remove them with my tick remover but he was having none of that.

I thought it might be better to get him into the bathroom upstairs instead of the spare room. I can block off all the hidey places in there as it's not a big room.
The spare room altough hasn't got a bed in it has lots of hidey places and is a double room.
I just thought it may be easier for the RSPCA to catch him and better for Pudd if they didn't have to chase him in the spare room?

What do ya reckon?

The Bathroom is our only one but i am planning to catch him and get the RSPCA in within the hour to get him to the vets. I hope to do that in the morning while my hubbies at work. But you're right if things don't go to plan and the RSPCA can't come the same day then we're in trouble! Even i couldn't "hold on" over 1 day to go for a widdle!!

On the other hand if i put a box in the bathroom and it's the only place to hide i might be able to shut him in it and won't need the RSPCA?! I also thought as he will be staying in the spare room on his return from the nasty vet man that he won't have had a bad experience in that room and then would be scared of the bathroom instead. Anyway he really wouldn't want to go in there after my hubbys been anyway!!! Poooooo!

What do ya reckon that if i get a strong box then if he goes in it fine and if not call the cavlery in?

Cat&Dog mom
04-23-2004, 08:55 PM
OMG Tany why didn't I think of a box, duh, I can't bring a box into my house without them eyeballing it till I open it for them to get into, what a great idea, just make sure you poke some airholes in it before you place it for his capture. lol they love boxes so much I have a picture of cozmo squished inside of a empty 12pk beer bottle.

04-24-2004, 02:50 AM
Ha Ha Cat&Dog mom I would love to see that photo of cozmo, can ya post it? Ta for your help.
Tan x

Cat&Dog mom
04-24-2004, 01:23 PM
I wish I could post half of the pictures I have some of them they are so cute, but I don't have a scanner and most all of the pictures I have were b-4 I got a digital camera. One of these days I might get a scanner and then everyone will be sick of seeing my pics lol, because I have soooo many.

04-27-2004, 05:38 PM

Took my Ben to the vets for his yearly check up on Sat and he's got a bad tooth. Poor thing it looked really bad all black and swollen. It really surprised me as he hasn't been any different at all. He's been eating his dry food no probs infact he tucked into them when he got back this am. I feel really guilty i didn't notice!

He went back on Monday am for an op so catching Pudd was out on Mon which was the day i was gonna try. It would n't be fair on both of them to recover from the vets and for ben to have a new member on the same day.
And the total cost was...230 which is $412 Still whatever it cost i would pay.

He had two teeth out and a biopsy taken from a lump on his gum too.
The lab bill is still to come. I hope it's ok. The vets didn't seem to worried about it? But then again they don't seem bothered about anything.
I unfortunately don't like the only vets in my town.
Poor Ben was terrified going in and no one there seemed very compasionate at all. It was like one in one out , rub hands -loads of money coming type place.
Ben had lots of blood on his face and paws too, Poor thing he looked a state. :mad:

My old vet was lovely, you could tell he loved animals, he used to talk mainly to them and not to you!!

Hee Haaaa Heeee :D just had a excellent stroking session with Pudd only his head but instead of touching him really gently i got the whole palm of me hand going and although he didn't purr he lay there for over 10 minutes. Can't see the ticks today so hopefully they had their full and jumped off. I have also noticed he eats on one side of his mouth so i reckon its a dentist job at the vets as well as everything else.
I think i will need to re- mortgage the house to pay for Pudd's bill!!!
Luv Tan x

04-28-2004, 07:48 AM
Sorry to hear about Ben, I hope that lump ends up being nothing.

Are there any other vets that are somewhat close to you that you could bring Ben and Pudding to? It is horrible to see so called Vets that have absolutely no compassion for the animals and only see them as dollar signs.

Keep us posted on Ben and Puddings process!

04-28-2004, 04:19 PM
Hiya all

Ben's doing ok. Almost back to normal but he's a nervous cat anyway so the vet visit helped carm him down.....NOT!!! Oh well better than those horrible bad teeth hurting him! He said he would rather not see that man again thank you!

I found out today that the vet i saw was the reason why people don't like that clinic. There are 3 vets there and he always gets compliants for his lack of compassion! Typical!
I was told that the vets in the next town are brilliant (15 mins drive away) so i am ringing them tomorrow and will take Pudd there instead. ( thanks for the sudjestion NiteRose x)

Right so as Ben is getting over his "terrifying near death " experience at the vets ( his words not mine!!) i am going to try and get Pudd in the house Monday ready for the RSPCA to get him to the vets Tues am. Fith time lucky i say!

We go on holiday to Greece on 4th July so i hope to have him settled by then!!
I got in contact with the only Rescue centre in Kefalonia, the Greek island we are going to and they are wonderful people. An older couple from the UK went out there to retire and travel round Greece but after a short time there they adopted a stray dog, then the dog found a sick cat, then a mama and her kittens turned up at their house then... and so on. They said they have an average of 50 animals in their care at any one time and traped, neutured and re homed 40 dogs and 60 cats over the past 2 years to places like Germany etc.

They asked me if i would like to visit them when we go over and me said yes yes yes!! So i am now doing a sponsored diet to raise money to take with me. (Good for me .... good for the animals!!!!) They are the only rescue center on the island and at the mo only use their home but have started to build a rescue center on a plot of land they brought. Marvellous people, i would love to do that or live there and help out one day! Their web site is all done by Allen (the Hubby) it's http://www.kefalonia-animal-trust.org

The reason i wanted to find a Rescue center there was because last year we went to Corfu (we love Grecce apart from the poor strays) and on day on a trip to a volcanic spring, i saw a darling small cat by the loo's trying to eat from the rubbish bin. It was constantly shaking in spasums all over. It was horrilbe i still see that picture in my head now. I will never forget it. I tried to contact a rescue center there but noone i asked knew of one or was interested. I just had to leave it, we were going the next day. I cried all the way back from that trip. I wanted this year to be ready if i saw any poor stray so now i have Allen and Pat's number!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a world of no cruelty!!

Love to you all
Tan x

04-28-2004, 06:55 PM
Glad to hear about Ben!

Allen and Pat sound like wonderful people! It is great that you can now help the poor strays on vacation as well :) I feel the same way as you about doing that for a living. My parents were/are like that. They rescued strays and injured animals all the time. If we ever hit the lottery I would put all my time into it, but for now I do as I can, and if the lottery thing does not work out, there is always retirement ;)

Cat&Dog mom
04-28-2004, 07:20 PM
Hi Tany, i'm glad to hear Ben is doing well, I hope his test come back with nothing but good news. And Puddin is becoming a little more trusting of you HURRAY! I'm glad you are getting a new vet, a compassionate vet makes everyone more at ease.

Allen and Pat sound wonderul. Best of luck to them and all the help they can get.

05-02-2004, 04:54 AM

Been feeding Pudd in the hall since and his capture is planned for next week, Tuesday or Weds. He is sooooo lovely i've just had another stroking session with him and catnip to help carm him.
The feliway is pluged in the hall too so maybe that helps. Altough it didn't have much effect on Ben when i sprayed it in the carrier to take him to the vets last week.

Pudd is still very nervous and if there is the slightest sound outside when he's lying in the hall he gets up. He's even giving me the blinky eye signal now! Hee Hee. I know that the "capture" will send us all back to the begining but hopefully he will remember some of the trust he is gaining in me!

Me sponsored diet is going well, to raise money for the Rescue center in Kefalonia, lost 3lB so far and i put a form in the local newsagent and some one has put down a 20 sponor. ($35) Don't even know them!! Cooorrrr i would love a bit of choclotae though!!!

I am dreadiing next week but also looking forward to it as well. I so want to get Pudd treated. His "bad" eye was weeping again this am.

I was gonna say fingers crossed to capture him but with the RSPCA going to blanket him, i am pretty sure he will be at the vets next week. I just hope the don't use that horrible hoop thing that they use to catch wild animals!

Thanks soooooooooooo much to all you for your wonderful support.

05-03-2004, 01:59 PM
Good to hear you and Pudding are getting closer, and glad your diet is going well. That is a great idea! Dieting for a cause you care about I'm sure makes it a lot easier.

I can't wait to hear about when you guys finally get him to a vet!! And I am keeping my fingers crossed that his health checks out to everything treatable, and he makes a smooth transaction into your home.

Have you thought about not being in the room when they grab him? It might make it easier on you, so you don't have to watch, and maybe if you're not in there he won't associate you with it as much?

05-03-2004, 02:37 PM
Thanks Niterose - Belive me i have long ago decided not to be anywhere near the house when they catch him. I know I just couldn't bare seeing that. :(

My Sister is going to take him to the vets then i will go and pick him up with her as i don't drive. The ploy is that i'm the great savour freeing him from the nasty vet people!! But not part of the nasty capture and treatment!!
The only prob is that he is going to have a nasty time in the spare room 1st but that can't be helped now! I've tried it the nicer way but he's just not playing!!

I hope to be posting -- He's at the vets tomorrow!! Thats when i'm going for it!! Excuse the expression but I'm "pooing" myself already!! :eek: That's how soft i am.

Luv Tan x

05-04-2004, 03:58 AM
Why is it when you have a plan set up nature gets in your way! It's very windy and pouring today, Pudd hasn't turned up yet . I know from past days like this he doesn't come round.

Hope it clears up but then it will be to late to get him to the vets today.

Does God actually want me to help this lovely lad or not!!!

Thanks all of you for being there every step of the way!
Luv Tan x

05-04-2004, 07:44 AM
I just had a call from the Vets re Ben's biopsy re the lump in his mouth. I'ts very bad news. He has got squamous cell carcinoma and there's no treatment for it. He has 2 to 7 months left with me.

It really shocked me as he is eating ok and no different than he has always been?! It hasn't actually sunk in yet.
Has anyone been through this before. I don't want him suffering at all. Does anyone know what the symtoms are when it starts to make the cat suffer?

Tan x

Still no sign of Pudd yet

05-04-2004, 08:25 AM
Tany I am so very sorry to hear about Ben! Maybe Pudding is buying his time to be there with you at your most time of need?

The most experience I have had is when one of my childhood cats developed a tumor on his head. We let the vet advise us to when it was time to put him down. I know you said you do not really like the vet in your town, but how about the one in the next town you mentioned? Maybe you can call them and tell them the story and ask them for advice?

I am very sorry Tany, please keep us posted and know that we are here for you.

Cat&Dog mom
05-04-2004, 08:24 PM
Oh Tany, I'm soooo sorry to hear about Ben. I have no idea what that is but I plan on looking it up tomorrow, I've been so busy I feel like I'm going in circles. I'll let you know what I find out. Just give him everything and anything he want's to make him as comfortable and happy as can be, even if it means a little extra table scraps.

I agree with Nite rose about puddin buying time, everything happens for a reason, is what I believe.

05-05-2004, 04:51 AM
Hiya Thanks soooo much to all of you. I still don't think it has sunk in yet.

All of the people i have spoken to and what i have found on the internet say there's no cure and it's a horrible fast acting cancer. There was one article that was a pet owners experience with the same cancer and she said "it was so sad to see the cat staring at his favourate dry food but he new he couldn't eat it" WHAT!!! I could never do that to Ben! He only really eats dry food and just tends to lick the gravy off his wet food twice a day.
It seems to me that whatever you may try to help that it will definately end his life at a later stage and it's up to me to decide when to stop any pain for him. that's the hardest part! When!!

The thing is he is a very scaredy cat and it's only me that he will go near(not even my cat loving Hubby) He was a Rescue lad when i got him at 6mths old and has always been very nervous.

He was so scared at the vets. I need to do the best for him so he has no pain and much as a restful ending as possible and it worries me that if there is treatment to prolong his life (as this can't be cured) he will be constantly going to the vets and being terrified in the process each time.
Is that more cruel than letting him go at the first signs of him in pain and suffering?

I love him dearly and the big question is - do i keep him going for a few months terifying him every time he goes to the vets and giving him treatment for any pain (so his last bit of life will become very stressed) or do i say "my poor Ben i don't want you to know any more bad things in your life, you were a rescue cat before i found you and you had your share of bad things already, do you want to go to the Rainsbow bridge remembering a happy life or a painful end!

That's what i don't know what to do and i will have to live with any descsion i make for him.

Bless you all for the support and all your thoughts.

05-05-2004, 07:58 AM
Tany it will come down to doing what is in your heart. Any decision you make out of love for Ben is going to be a good one. If you do not want to put him through the fear of going to the vet on a constant basis for treatment, then do not do it. Make him as comfortable as you can, and when you feel it is time, let him go.

Did your vet give you any advise on when to put him down?

05-05-2004, 08:36 AM

I'm so sorry to hear about Ben. My heart goes out to both of you.

I recently faced the same decision with one of my kitties who had bowel cancer. As long as she was still enjoying life and wanted to continue, I accomodated that desire. She let me know when she couldn't do it any more.

As long as you know in your heart that your decision is for Ben's comfort and not your own, you will do the absolute right thing. In fact, you've already answered yourself in the question you posed.

05-05-2004, 09:00 AM

Yeah Macassie i think you're right, i have already answered my question and i realy belive for my Ben that treatment would be a very stressful way to go in the end for him and i don't want him going through that.

He is still eating or should i say licking the wet food with gravy altough not his dry food which he loves so much. He is definately slowed up and yesterday and today has been following me around.
I am taking him to the vets tomorrow instead of Saturday as i'm not sure if he is in pain. I will see what they say on how long he can be "happy" for then i have made the decision to say goodbye before he suffers at all.

The thought of never being with him or stroking him again in this life is so painful but i will not let him suffer. I am alredy dreding the day i take him in but don't bring him back.

The strange thing is i haven't seen Pudd yesterday or today so far. Do cats know?

Thanks for your support it means soo much.
Tan x

05-05-2004, 09:53 AM
Tany, you've touched my heart. Yes, I think cats do know. When my old girl Ghost Baby died, right before we took her to the vet, my other kitty, Miss Emma, who was closest to her came up and washed her face. Something she didn't normally do. Ghost Baby was always the one to wash Miss Emma's face. Also, Miss Emma, who was always a bossy independent little cat has become a bit of a barnacle cat since Ghost's death. So, yes, I believe that they do know and they do grieve. They all prolly knew how sick Ghost Baby was long before me or even my vet knew.

Cat&Dog mom
05-05-2004, 07:59 PM
Tany, I looked up a couple of sites www.fabcats.org and www.moorevet.com, I don't know if they would be any help to you or not but I thought I would let you know what I found, these sites seem to be pretty infomative.

My cats also don't like the vet, they call me the lion tammer, because my cats are so nasty to them. What we have found that helps a bit with the vet is to put a cat muzzle on them because them they can't see either (they think you can't see them?). Just a suggestion when you may need to take him back in to help ease him a bit.

Kisses and hugs are on their way to Ben from my little family.

05-06-2004, 09:48 AM
He's gone now.

The tumour had spread to all his right side of his mouth. I kew it had got worse cause he didn't eat this am.

He was so terrified going to the vets, crying all the way, Then in the vets he paniced and jumped off the table. I got him back up and the vet (a lovely lady) looked in his mouth and said it had progressed too far for any treatment. She could of given him pain killers but said he not last for more than 2 weeks and in pain and not eating.

I couldn't do that to him so i held him while they they sent him to the rainbow bridge and to my mum who will look after him now.

Thanks for all your support
Tan x

Lets hope Puddin likes a water fountain cause i had ordered one last week for Ben!

05-06-2004, 10:00 AM
Tany I am so sorry, but at least he is not suffering.

And it sounds like you did find a new vet that you like, that is great!

05-06-2004, 11:33 AM
My Ben - Taken only yesterday

His ashes will be scattered in Kefalonia and all the money i raise through this sponsored diet for the new centre out there will be in honor of Ben.
He would want to help the poor animals out there.

See ya at the rainbow bridge My lad. You were a joy to know.

Love Bird B
05-06-2004, 11:47 AM
Tany, I am so sorry to hear about your poor Ben. Sending you hugs and strength.

05-06-2004, 12:20 PM
Tany, so sorry to hear about Ben. He was a beautiful boy.

You touch my heart. Even when reporting about your loss, your last line is upbeat about hoping Puddin likes the water fountain. Bless you.

Have you seen Puddin lately?

05-06-2004, 12:42 PM
Hi all

Thanks soooooooooooooo much for the kind words and thoughts.

I haven't seen Pudd since Monday afternoon which is very very unusual. I have seen him every day for 3 years!! I hope nothing has happened to him. maybe he senced about Ben? I thought i read something long time ago that cats don't hang round when death is in the air? Is that true does anyone know?

I will ring Pat and Allen tomorrow , the other people that feed him, and see if they have seen him. If not i will worry about him!

The thing that does get to me is that Pudd was shaking his head like Ben too- that could mean ear mites or.........!!!
Tan x

Cat&Dog mom
05-06-2004, 05:28 PM
Ohh Tany I'm soooo sorry that Ben is gone. He looks like an absolute Angel in that picture, what a sweetie. I'm glad he didn't suffer. That is a wonderful way to honor him. Hugs.

I hope Pudding is alright? If Pat and Allen havn't seen him you could try calling the shelters to see if someone else may have found him. Oh dear Tany I wish you luck and strength searching for him. I know you will keep us up to date, prayers are on the way.
Stay strong.

05-07-2004, 05:32 PM

Need to ask for some advice.
I have a big problem. Last night i couldn't sleep cause Ben always slept with me on my side of the bed and that's where we had our best quality cuddles. I couldn't get in that bed so stayed downstairs awake cuddling his blanket.

In the morning my normal working day at home was totally messed up. No one to feed at 6am not even Puddin. I haven't seen him since Monday eve. (nor has the other feeders ) No Benny boy to sneek back to bed with for an hour after me hubby went to work. No Ben or Puddin to greet later on. Alone all day with no "ee ee" sound from ben or Keeping the door open for Pudd while he sat on the mat.
Did the usual food shopping on the internet - cheap this week no cat food to buy.

There's no furbaby in my life now which leaves this house and my heart very empty. I have been owned by animals all my life so far.I have a huge void in my life i see Ben everywhere the house is so quiet.

Ben helped me when Arnie went missing and after reading Amy's rainbow bridge post on Bogart it helped to have other furbabies around.
We would love to get 2 new babies and i know they will never replace my wonderful lads before, they will be loved dearly for their own right. I really feel it will help me fill this void. I've gone from loving the job of caring for my lads to nothing!

The will be lots of kittens at the rescue centres now and i want so much to give 2 of them a wonderful life. The thing is we are on holiday in two months. Is 2 months long enough for them to settle in before we go away?
Am i being selfish??

Tan x

05-07-2004, 05:58 PM
Tany, I do not think you are being selfish. But IMO, you might want to wait until after holiday. Just in case the kitties do take a bit longer to get settled, also just in case they need any type of special attention, you may not want to give yourself the time pressure.

I'm keeping you in my thoughts that Pudding will return to you soon, he may just be giving you a little time for things to settle.

Cat&Dog mom
05-07-2004, 07:24 PM
Ditto here, everyone has their own time and ways of mourning and healing. I think it's wonderful you will be adopting two furbabies.

:( No word on puddin yet, I'm so sad, I'm really pulling for him.

05-08-2004, 09:40 AM
To My dearest wonderful Benny boy

You were taken from me so fast, the cancer i never knew about killing you more and more.
One day you were with me, within 48 hours you were gone.

I want time to stand still, to go back to our presious cuddles and never have to leave that moment.

I miss playing with you, rubbing your belly as you always loved until we both fell asleep, Your head butts, your "ee ee" cry which was never quite a meow, You asking to out of the back door just as i sat down to eat (every time) even though you had your own door. The way you rubbed noses with Puddin when he came to eat and occassionally gave him a smack for blocking the cat flap, Your crazy mad dashes in the garden after a leaf, the way you just simply watch the birds in the garden and never hurt them, The way you sneeked in the kitchen and sat by the fridge wanting a titbit of ham but most of all the comfort you gave me, the love you showed to only me, the only one you have ever trusted since you were rescued as a kitten.

You were a part of me that will forever be missing in my life and i will never forget the joy and love you gave me for a wonderful 12 years of my life.

Give our Arnie a head butt from me and be happy untill i collect you both at the other end of the Rainbow.
All my love Your mum Tan x

Cat&Dog mom
05-08-2004, 11:47 AM
Tany that was the nicest letter you wrote for Ben, thank you for sharing it with us. I love kitty head butts too. Remembering the little things they have done keeps them alive in our hearts so they are never truely gone.

05-08-2004, 07:42 PM
Tany Benny heard every word you said and will be with you forever.When you pick another kitty to keep you company Benny will be there to help you.God Bless You Both

05-08-2004, 10:01 PM
So sorry to read about Benny. You can tell he was really loved. I'm sure he knew it too. You'll never really lose him. He'll always be in your heart & waiting at the end of the Rainbow Bridge. Your in my prayers. Any news about Puddin?

05-09-2004, 04:57 AM
Thanks soooo much for all your thoughts and words. It means alot to me. Bless you all.

Unfortuneately Me Pudd hasn't been seen since Monday eve. The night before i planned to catch him again. Pat and Allan haven't seen him since the Friday before that. It is very worrying. I have been out looking fo him for a few days now. The house is really empty without both of my lads around. :(
I so hope he's ok and will turn up again soon. The spare room is still ready and waiting for him.

It's like loosing two lads in one go.
Love to you all Tan x

05-12-2004, 05:30 PM
I Have been out looking for me Pudd every day and no sign of him. My hubby thinks he has curled up and passed away. God I hope not, i miss him very much. :( one part is thinking Pudd did disapear before for a week and a half them came back as if nothing had happened! Cheeky monkey!! But the other half is getting very worried! I wish he would show up bet he doesn't get his warm chicken anywhere else!!

We went down to the rescue centre to see the 2 4 year old Burmese boys yesterday, They were lovely a deep chocolate colour, very scared but that could be due to the rescue centre enviroment. They were well looked after there but i know Burmese need alot of attention after having 2 wonderful Burmese lads myself. (Arnie and Bow).Sadley...... it was not to be for us though, they had already been snapped up and are going to their new home on Friday. :( just our luck lately!

But .... there was 2 little white and ginger, blue eyed boys 9 weeks old that had been found in a box and just brought in to the centre. Well my hubby didn't want to leave!! They were gorgous. They were in their cattery and i walked up and said "hello" and they both looked round with expressions on their faces as if to say ooooooooo what are you!!

I Just had the home vetting visit and everything great. Except .......The lady (very nice one of our species but had a wonky eye so we were't sure who she was talking to) said the best place for the kittens was the hall and kitchen. Ok i agree and had already planned to have the litter tray in the hall and the food and water in the kitchen at a later stage. But she said the bed can go also in the hall.
Now try to picture a very small hall it has room for no more than 4 people standing huddled together, has the front door in the front (obviously!), the lounge door oposite at the back, the stairs going up next to the lounge door and the kitchen door to the left of the front door. A small radiator is situated on the same wall as the kitchen door. So it is like a a square room (very small) with 3 doors and stairs leading off. Picture it?
Now nice lady said to put the lads snuggle bed by the radiator and not to move their stuff around so the kitts know where all their stuff is.
..............Slight probs, this means we can not open the front door without moving the bed which would have to be directly in front of the front door. The will be a draft from the front door diretly on the bed and the radiator is the first of the system so gets the hottest. Me no think this a good idea?!!!

Now i would say if i were reading this ... Ok so put the bed in the lounge.... Hmmm ...Lounge has got alot of computer equipment in i.e wires and cables, lots of elecpoints etc. So this room is ok in the day when supervised but too risky alone at night. That means no room for Bed downstairs!! (small kitchen too!)

I had planned to put them both and all their stuff in the spare room up stairs to start with. This has no bed in it and was used as my office/ Ben's room. On one side is my computer desk with a wall full of shelves for my client files and the other side of the room has an armchair with cat blanket on, a raditor bed, a big cardboard box with a snuggle bed inside it with a hole for cats to enter at bottom, one litter tray, a scratching post, and food and water bowls. I have covered in all the holes i think a tinny weeny laddy can go around my computer blocking off all elec points and wires.

Nice lady dosen't think upstairs is suitable because of litter tray. The kitties as they get older might get used to having little poopies up stairs and it will be difficult to move the litter tray downstairs later. Same with water and food bowls.

Hmmm ... any advise. Please don't say get a new house (Ha Ha!!). I would of thought that a two bedroomed terraced house was quite big enough for two adults, Me Pudd and two very ickle boys!!

I soooooooo hope Pudd comes back and a home will be waiting for him but he will have to share it with 2 youngsters now!

05-12-2004, 07:10 PM
Has this nice lady ever owned a cat not to mention two? Most cats prefer their beds to be as far from the litter pan as possible. I'd just put the bed in the kitchen in a corner out of the way and go with that. Maybe you could discuss that with her ... or just do so.

Cat&Dog mom
05-12-2004, 08:11 PM
How cute is he/she, adorable. Just nod your head and politely agree with the lady, and once you have them, you can do as you wish. I wonder if she has ever had cats, like dlaura said. You've done good so far without her assistance.

I really miss your adventure with puddin, i'm still praying and hoping he will show up.

05-13-2004, 02:24 AM
Yeah me too, I really miss Pudd, one part is thinking Pudd did disapear before for a week and a half a yearish ago then came back as if nothing had happened! Cheeky monkey!! But the other half is getting very worried! I wish he would show up bet he doesn't get his warm chicken anywhere else!! I keep looking for him and expect him to be sat on the porch mat. I am getting lots of excerise checking the front door every 10 minutes! Maybe he is off looking for females??? Oh Pudd where are you.

I can't belive both my cats Ben and Pudd have gone with in 2 days. Seems very wierd to me. The thing is also that he has left the area too?!! :confused:

Ha Ha Cat&Dog Mum, that's exactly what i did to the nice lady with wonky eye. She even told me the water fountain is much to extravagent for them!! .... So, can i not let the new lads use it then!! I orginally brought it for my Ben before he got ill. Silly woman, I mean i have had kittens before! :rolleyes:

I hope she has had cats before, she comes from a big rescue centre for cats!! Maybe i should ring her and ask if the new play tunnel i have just got them is too much as well!!!...... Ha Ha. I really don't think i need to ask her!!
Hey every new mum and dad likes to spoil their new babies an ickle bit!!

I do still respect very much the lady does though. Good for her she only has the cats best interests at heart! Bless her!!

05-13-2004, 07:45 AM
Sorry to hear Pudding has not shown up yet, keeping you and him in my thoughts.

That kitty is so cute! That lady sounds a bit off the mark. And like the other two posters said, I would just smile and nod and then do what you think it best.

People have so many different opinions about the way animals should be cared for, I think if your heart is in the right place, and you have basic knowledge so the kitties don't get injured your doing it just right.

05-13-2004, 08:02 AM
Ok, so when are you getting the two new kitties. I didn't see the picture last night, home computer on the fritz, but this morning I did and she is so cute. Hopefully, Pudd will show up again, but in the meantime I would go ahead and do what your heart tells you.

05-13-2004, 03:19 PM
Tany that new kitten is sooooo adorable. They won't replace your boys but they will make their own places in your heart. They deserve as good a home as you can give them. Your right that the lady only has their best interests at heart. Just smile and do what you think is best when she's gone. All of you & Pudd are in my prayers. Hopefully he will turn up. Good luck with your new lads. I'm sure they will love their new home.

05-13-2004, 10:41 PM
That Puddin is a beautiful kitty.I sure hope everything turns out alright.

05-14-2004, 08:37 AM
Congrats on the new furbabies. When do they come home?

still keeping my fingers crossed for Puddin.

05-14-2004, 11:57 AM
Well the two baby lads came home yesterday afternoon ans settled right in, having a good play. They are both very well behaved both used the litter tray 1st time and ate well then went to sleep together. We arranged the lounge so that all the wires were covered so there were no dangers for them. So the liiter is in the hall, the food is in the kitchen and their bed in the day is in the lounge, they have got used to where each is already (clever lads!) . They can climb those stairs like a good'un and our bedroom is safe too so they have explored all the house already! Last night to be extra safe we put their bed in the kitchen and shut the lounge door just incase they did something that might hurt them. They could could have come up and slept with us as well if they wanted.
We didn't have a peep out of them all night. very well behaved boys! This am they were still aspleep in their bed.
They have been little angels all day and you can tell they love each other very much.

Their names .... hmmm well we started calling them Ochi and Rios cause thats where we got married in Jamacia in Ochi Rios but it is not that easy to say so we are thinking of somethin else. What about Ginge and Minge! Ha Ha only joking!! they are both boys so that won't do!!! :D Any offers?!

I still miss my Ben and Pudd very much but these boys are keeping me busy and they are sooo lovely.
Here they are:---

05-14-2004, 01:03 PM
Oh Tany! They are adorable! Lucky little boys!

05-14-2004, 01:05 PM
Oh my gosh, they are soo cute!! Congrats! :)

05-16-2004, 06:39 AM

We decided to stick with Ochi and Rio, just couldn't think of anything else that suited them and simbolises our love for them as it is the town we were married in.

Ochi, the whiter one is the boss at the mo. He is not scared of anything, plays hard, sleeps hard and is a big softie for cuddles. His favourate game is anything fast! He's the sporty one! He has started to suck my hair yesterday!!?? That's a new one on me!!It's really funny hearing a sucking sound right next to my ear!! Hmmm No milk there my Lad!!

Rio has been very timid and scared when we go to stroke him but once in the act he is fine. He seems scared of hands! He is starting to come out a bit watching his brother. Rio is the clever one, he likes the game of little ball rolled into a tube then batting little ball with paw and trying to get all of head in tube.
They have fantastic personalities and are soooooooooooooo lovely and very well behaved. Sleep all night not a peep from them, Have used the litter tray from the start and eat and drink well.

But.... They're not doing so good, Rio the one with more coluring has had diarrhea and a pot belly since arriving home on Thurs. i thought this was due to the move and the fact he is the timid one but he started limping as well yesterday. They both have red crusty eyes and very hot.

I got worried so I took them to the vet yesterday afternoon. I know that was more stress for them but as they are so small i needed to make sure there was nothing serious wrong.
Thank god i did as they have conjunctivitis, temps of 104 degress and cold symtems but do not have cat flu. Rio also has fluid in his tummy and is underweight. The vet thinks it's a reaction to their 1st vac (flu jab) on thurs aswell as the stress of going to a new home on the same day and their immune system not kicking in yet.
She has given me an antibiotic and an anti inflamtory for them for the next week.

Ochi, the whiter one started to limp today as well now. But Rio seems to be picking up a bit. They are both still eating well and pooing well. Ochi is very playful and Rio is but is causious

It's horrilble to see them ill and i must admit i am very worried about them esp so soon after my Ben passing!

Has anyone experienced this reaction to the 1st vac before with little ones or do you think it could be someting else?

05-16-2004, 11:59 AM
Tany, sorry to hear about the little ones being sick :(

I have not had experience with vac reactions, but I have heard about them. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and them. Them eating well is a good sign though.

They both sound like a hoot!

Cat&Dog mom
05-17-2004, 05:32 PM
Tany, sorry to here that the babies are sick.

I've also never experienced any problems with vacinations, thank goodness. I hope they are doing better today for you. I hope the vet is right.They are so cute in the pics. And they sound like such fun. Give them some kitty hugs and head butts for me.

05-18-2004, 02:48 AM
Thanks so much for your thoughts for my new babies Ochi and Rio.

Good news is that Ochi is great today - going mad at playing, and all over
his reaction to the cat flu vac. Rio's flu symptoms have also gone. :) :)

But my poor ickle lad Rio was crying and wanting hugs and cuddles last
night with his huge belly etc. That was it i could not let him go on
obviously in distress so i rang the vets 1st thing this am and took Rio in
along with Ochi for comfort.

I just wanted him to get the right treatment for him to get better and be as
healthy as Ochi. Did i get this from the vet .... NO!!!

I saw a different vet than last time at the same place and she ummed and
arrred about what to do about his extremely large belly, skinny body , his
exsessive eating and bad runny number two's. She kept with the same
diagnosis the other vet there suspected (a tummy virus) and ended up giving
me a different antibiotic to give him as well as the ones he was already on
from Saturday when i took them both in with the flu symptoms. She also gave
me a tube of jelly which was extra vitamins to put in his food, a powder of
"good" bacteria and told me to go to a chemist to get a syrup to stop his
diarrhoea. She couldn't give me the syrup there as there supply was out of
date!!!! When i went to the chemist i wasn't allowed this syrup as it is a
prescription only drug!!!!!!!!!!! - The so called vet didn't tell me that!!!
She said that they cannot treat the virus and he has to fight it on his own.
I have to take him in every day and if he keeps deteriating, they will admit
him and put him on a drip. She also said Ochi should be admitted to to give
Rio comfort! i did say that i thought it looked very much like a roundworm
infection but she seemed to dismiss this and when i asked if another dose of
wormer can be given she acted as if she didn't really know and nothing more
was said on that subject.

Sorry i was not at all happy with this!! She has didn't give him any
treatment to help with his illness whatever it is, only given me more
antibiotics incase he gets a secondary bacterial infection and vitamins.
Eh!! What going on!!!! Why put him on two different antibiotics at the same
time when it won't help his tummy anyway ???

Me Not happy at all with that so i rang up another vets for a second oppion.
I got appointment this afternoon and had to stress the poor little mite out
again - that's 4 vet visits in a week for him!!

Well the new vet was Bl...y marvellous. A lovely, knowledgeable, gentle
,caring woman. She rang the old vets to get a complete history for him. She
felt his tum and weighed him and said straight away he has a very bad
infection of roundworm. She could tell easily because his belly was very
tight, the size of a tennis ball and hard with bumps where the worms were.
She looked at all the stuff i was given by the old vet and not one of the
drugs would have helped Rio and were of no use except for the vitamins which
you can give them anytime anyway. She has now got him on a five day course
of Panacur the same treatment he had at the shelter last week when i picked
them up. But as this is a gentle wormer on his tummy but kills the worms and
any other infection in his gut or tummy, he can have another dose no probs.
(not what the old vet said!!)

Wow what a relief - someone who can help my wonderful ickle lad get better
and not die from a "DER i don't know stupid vet"!!

When i brought him home, he had his dose of wormer, a big dinner for an
ickle lad, had about 3 poos ( no worms seen though), played with Ochi a bit
and has been asleep all the time since.

I have an appointment to take him back on friday to check him. I so hope he
gets better. He's a little angel. While i was comforting him last night he
was licking my face for ages as if he was looking after me instead. Oh he is
sooooooooooo lovely. Him and his brother.

Luv Tan x

05-18-2004, 07:39 AM
Sorry to hear you had to jump through so many hoops to finally get the right treatment for the little one! But glad to know he is finally on the right course to getting better.

05-18-2004, 08:34 AM
Wow you've had some bad luck with vets! Stick with this one! Glad to hear the ickle bickle boy finally got the right medication. Poor baby.

05-18-2004, 10:50 AM
I'm so glad to hear that you finally got to the bottom of the situation. Poor little kitties - that is usually the first thing a vet will do over here is put the animal on a worm med and give usual shots etc. I'm really disappointed to hear how you were treated by the first vet's office. Glad you found a new one and much luck with the new little ones. I guess there has been no siting of Pudd around?

05-19-2004, 03:39 AM
Rio's is on his wormer again (panacur granuals) on his 3rd dose out of 5 days but he still has a big pot belly and diarrhea.
On Monday eve when i gave him his 1st dose, he slept for a while and went to the loo quite a few times and his belly went right down. In the morning it was right back bloated again and has stayed that way altough it's not so tight. He has had diarrea since i brought him home from the Cats protection last Thursday.

I am begining to suspect maybe this isn't worms?!
I have not seen any at all in his poop and i would have thought that if the wormer killed any they would have come out by now! This is the second time he has been dosed with panacur as he was treated with the paste last Tues to Thursday at the shelter.

He seems better in him self and is playing a bit more but he still in discomfort and is no where near as active as his brother.

Would ya have an idea of what he might have with these symptoms - Pot belly - mainly tight, runny bum, underweight??

Have ya been through this before with 10 week old rescue kittens??

Still no sound or sight of Me Pudd. I'm still hoping so very much he will be on the door step one morining or any time for that matter! It's two weeks now!! :(

05-19-2004, 08:11 AM
Tany, I never had the same problem you are having now.

But other then calling your vet back and letting her know what is going on. Maybe you should call the rescue to let them know what is going on. Ask them if any of the other kitties they have are having the same health problems and see how they are being treated.

Maybe Pudding knows you still have your hands full and is giving you some time? Or maybe someone else scooped him up?

Best of luck with everything!

05-20-2004, 03:22 AM
Hiya Niterose

Me called the vet again (the new one) yesterday to confirm if it was worms they should have come out by now and yes they should of. I have a check up appt on Fri and as Rio seems to be picking up alot i will take him back then. I rang the rescue as well and they didn't notice any runny bums with him ther but there was about 15 kittens in the cattery

Today his stomach has gone down by about half and he is definately feeling better the way he is playing with his brother this morining. His runny bum is starting to has harden up a bit too. so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i think he is on the mend!!

It's 2 weeks since i seen my Pudd now. Still no sign. I have rang all the vets, the council and all the rescue centres in the area but nothing? I wonder if he has moved on but this seems very wierd as i was his main sorce of food and not just any old food he was spoilt rotton!! Bet he misses his catnip too!!
It horrible not knowing what has happened to him. This happened to my Arnie almost 3 years ago.I still don't know what happen to him. :(

I am just so hoping Pudd will come home cause he will always have a home here. Bless him. Praying he comes back.

Tan x

05-21-2004, 05:48 AM
Hiya just got back from Rio's check up and he is doing great. His tum has gone down and the marvellous wonderful vet said he doen't need anymore meds. He still got moosey poo poos (hmmm nice) but that should now start getting better.What a relief!!

And that vet visit knackered them out!!

Now all i need to be a happy bunny is for my Pudd to come home!

Tan x

Cat&Dog mom
05-21-2004, 11:23 AM
Tany, i'm sooooo happy they are doing well now, and no more meds. I'm glad to finally here some good news from you. What a relief it must be for you.
They look so content and so cute.

No puddin yet, so sad. :(

05-21-2004, 03:17 PM
What a cute pic! Glad to hear they are doing better for you as well!!

Still keeping my fingers crossed for you and Pudding.

Cat&Dog mom
05-28-2004, 09:47 PM
Hi Tany, haven't heard from you in awhile, how are the new babies doing? Well I hope. and i'm guessing since you haven't posted, still no puddin.

05-29-2004, 07:15 AM

Sorry i haven't posted for a while it's been a very busy week. After the vet visit Last Friday, Rio still continued to have a runny bum and a big belly. So back he went to the same surgery on Tuesday just gone. We saw a different vet (my fav one was on hol) She gave him an inflamitory injection and said if the diarrhoea still hadn't cleared up within 3 days to bring him back. By Thurs am this week his poop had got even runnier so i rang to demand it's about time tests are done. I think he has seen 3 vets now and all of them have been trying things 1st instead of picking up where the previous vet took off!!
The tests he is going to have is a poop one and an xray. The xray is to test for interception which they think is unlikely as he would be very ill. The xray means he has to have an anisthetic and be in all day, he is booked in for Tuesday. I was taking a poop sample down today but would you belive it he hasn't been yet and they shut at 12 today so i will take one down on Tues.

But on Thurs night his tummy was going mental all night long! - really loud gurgles like he had a soda machine inside him! I don't know what happened but in the morning it went right down and while he sat on my lap ooooooo did he do a loud smelly blow off!! pooooooooooooooooooo!!! He still had a runny bum though.

After the tummy noises on Thurs i looked on the internet for Gastrointervitous symptems and they didn't relate to what Rio had but i did find am article on Rescue kittens greedy syndrome. A vet site said that they have seen so many kittens come from a shelter that have diarrhoea, pot belly etc and the cause is from over eating! They go from having to fight for their food with many cats feeding from the same dish at the shelter to having theie own bowl at the new home and still scoff the food. I must admit Rio has always scoffed his food and eaten more than Ochi. This could be the reason????
I was giving him all he could eat as he was under weight and was worried he might get dehydrated! I now have cut down their wet food so they have a little 4 times a day.
Today his tummy has now reduced to normal size and he seems well, i am waiting to find out if his poop is getting harder( oh why don't they poop when you need them too!!!! :) ) . We are going to delay the xray as his tum has gone down but will carry on with the poop test. I am worried that this poor little mite has been to the vets 6 times in the last two weeks and the xray and all day at the vets on his own will make him timid again.

So not out of the woods yet but on the way i reckon!!

Me Pudd has now been missing for 3 and half weeks, No sign of him anywhere. I have out posters up now but nothing! I went to see Pat and Allen yesterday and they are worried too but are still hopeful he will turn up one day and think he is out roaming for females. Me i no know? It seems a long time now for him to go without his warm chicken, tuna, iams, Fllix and catnip!! If he is out roaming how is he eating?? Why would he eat every day with me 4 times a day for the last 3 years then survive without that food??? I've still got everything set up in the spare room for him. That's the only place me ickle lads arn't allowed to go. That's for my Pudd!! i do so miss him.

05-29-2004, 12:18 PM
Tany sorry to hear the little baby is still having problems. Hang in there, sounds like you may be on the right track about the food. I hope it is something simple like that.

Still keeping my fingers crossed for you and Pudding!

06-08-2004, 05:01 AM
Sorry not postin lately, i have had to concentrate on my business and
catch up on everything that was urgent and i was behind on. I let the work slip since Ben passed to the Rainbow bridge 4 weeks ago and getting the new lads. My clients have been waiting for reports and i ran out of excuses!!

The lads are absolutely wonderful. Getting bigger and naughtier every day.
Ochi is the most naughtiest but Rio is learning from him very quickly!!
Little monkeys!! Oh but i love their cheeky antics keeps me on my toes and good company as i am at home working all day (well working recently anyway!!
Hee Hee)

I am still concerned with Rio although he doesn't act ill at all. He still
has a runny bum but is no way dehydrated at all, eats, drinks, plays and sleeps well. They went to the vets on Sat just gone to have their 2nd flu vac. I was dreading this as they had such a bad reaction to the 1st one but
the vet said it was best to do it in two parts so they had one vac then are going back on Thurs for the second part. It was the second part injection that caused the bad flu symptoms last time so fingers crossed they will be ok after Thurs.

I am also taking a poop sample in for Rio to be tested. I should of taken
one in on Sat but forgot it and left it in the fridge ( the vet told me to
keep it in there if i got one the night before) Hmmm Nice place to put it
isn't it!!! I know there is still things wrong in his tummy , the
diaorrhea for one and they way his tum feels lumpy sometimes. It's not pot
belled anymore though but still has this hernia that pops out. I would love
him to be totally well. It's still the thought of my Ben acting completely
normal but having a bad cancer that scares me i.e. Rio is acting fine
but......??????? Maybe i am just paranoid??

We go on hols in 3 1/2 weeks and i have got a lovely pet sitter in to be
with them for the whole 2 weeks. I hope Rio is totally well by then??

Well better get on got a client for training in a mo. hope to grab some time
later to read all the new posts and catch up. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Luv Tan x

06-08-2004, 09:10 AM
Hey Tany

I was starting to wonder about how you and the kitties were doing. Happy to hear things are going pretty ok. Best of luck to you and them on their second round of shots, I'm keeping you all in my thoughts! Lets us know how things go.

Cat&Dog mom
06-13-2004, 12:29 AM
Well no wonder your not getting any work done, with those two little ones.lol They are alot more fun than work. I hope the second round of shots went ok, and I hope you can eventually pinpoint Rio's problem.

01-17-2008, 10:19 PM
Does anyone know if Tany ever saw her beautiful Puddin again??
I have just read this thread and although it is very old I would love to know how it all ended and I cried as I read about her dear Ben.

03-10-2012, 10:44 PM
Oh I would love to know what has happened over the years! Did Pudding ever show up and how are the kittens?
What a wonderful read, happy, sad, happy, and it all just stopped!

08-10-2012, 09:53 AM
just saw this thread two nights ago. i would like to find out more info too.did Pudd come back?please post if u run into anymore info perhaps on other animal lover sites and i will do the same

09-02-2012, 07:56 PM
Awww, I just found and read the entire thread hoping it was a happy ending. Does anyone know what happened??