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10-07-2006, 07:22 PM
OK, so...tomorrow we want to set off a bug bomb on the main floor of our townhouse. I wouldn't even consider letting my dog still be in the same house (her crate is upstairs in our bedroom) but my boyfriend & friends think that as long as she is in her crate upstairs, in a room with the door shut, she will be OK. Someone even suggested putting a towel against the bottom of the door. I've never set off a bug bomb before, so I'm really unsure now. It would certainly be more convenient to leave Anna in the house, but I had already planned on taking her to the dog park for 2 hours anyway. So, any advice?

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10-07-2006, 07:35 PM
You should definitley take your dog to the park. It could easily be fatal to leave him in. You should also air the room out before letting the dog in.

10-07-2006, 07:40 PM
Please don't leave an animal in any structure that you are fumigating.

If you would not stay in the house, you should never consider leaving an animal there. The package should say right on it to remove all animals. A bug bomb is poison, after all.

Enjoy the dog park.

10-07-2006, 07:47 PM
The package says to remove all pets from the area, but my boyfriend likes to think that means its OK if she isn't on the same floor. I tried to tell him about the vents that lead to vents in our room upstairs but he is somehow convinced that he is right?

Anyway, I've been looking forward to the dog park anyway. We're going to take this opportunity to head to the new one across town since its normally too far away to travel in weekday traffic.

Thanks for the quick advice you guys, my boyfriend hates that I turn to this web site for all doggie advice. Especially since the vet told him that each dog should be taken case-by-case. And maybe thats true in some situations, but toxins are toxins-regardless of the dog! :) Its so nice to be reassured that I'm doing the right thing from time to time.

10-07-2006, 08:11 PM
Do you guys have any more bug bomb advice? The directions don't say to wrap anything, but I thought I had heard from someone that you should wrap your utensils, plates, etc. in newspaper before starting?

What can we do with the carpet & Anna's sleeping pillow/towels/toys/etc. for after the bug bomb has been set off? If we put them upstairs in a room w/ the door shut will they need to be run through the washer and/or cleaned in some way? Will everything be OK once it airs out in here, I'm just afraid she could lick something & get sick, so should I cover everything, even DVD's on our DVD stand with paper or something?

10-07-2006, 08:41 PM
Whenever I have bombed (and living in FL you have to bomb for not just fleas, but ants), I have either covered my dishes with towels or washed them all afterwards. If your cabinets & drawers close and seal well you may not need to do this. I have always opened the cabinets because that was usually where the blasted ants were.

I would wash anything that the dog is going to lay on. Make sure that toys are removed or covered over. Vacuum real good and then throw away the bag outside. Fleas will live in the vaccum bag.

Most of the bombs are a "fog" type. There most likely won't be any residue, but I always wipe everything down after. I am a firm believer in "Better safe than sorry".

My husband likes to be right all of the time too. Sometimes I let him be, even when he is wrong. Where my animals are concerned he has no say at all.

10-07-2006, 09:00 PM
The bug bomb isn't for fleas, but for those little tiny house flies seem to multiply by second! Do you think vacuuming will be necessary afterwards?

The flies are mostly in our kitchen area so I definitely plan on opening up the cabinets & the pantry. Even if I cover all my dishes I'm too paranoid to eat off them still, so we probably won't cover them but will run them through the dishwasher when we're done.

When you wipe things down, do you use just a wet cloth or paper towel? I guess I'll need to remove my paper towels from the downstairs or will everything we put upstairs get the bug bomb crap on them just like Anna would've gotten if she were to also be upstairs?

My boyfriend hates that I worry so much about everything related to the dog, but because she is practically my child so I can't help but worry about her. Everytime I begin a sentence with "I read on the internet that..." or "People on petlovers.com say..." he rolls his eyes. But I still get my way when it comes to the dog, there is no question about that!

10-07-2006, 09:13 PM
i would vaccuum, even if they are flies.. i'm sure there will be dead one's on the ground. Running them through the dishwasher is a good idea, and I would use a wet washcloth to wipe things off, that way, you can rinse often, and save your paper towels.. Maybe i'm just conservative ;)

Glad to hear you're taking your dog to a dog park, everything will be fine.. but like Evey said, better safe than sorry :P

10-07-2006, 09:29 PM
Thats a good idea! I've made myself a before/after check list:

Open downstairs bathroom door
Open cabinets/pantry (clean out pantry?)
Move Anna's pillow/towel/toys/toothbrush upstairs to her crate (cover toys with towel)
Close upstairs bedroom/bathroom doors
Move napkins/paper towels upstairs
Maybe leave windows open in upstairs bedrooms since we're not intending to bomb those areas?

Vacuum/wipe down surfaces
Wash Anna's pillow & towel
Clean Crate

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10-07-2006, 10:22 PM
It depends on what kindbug bomb it is to know wether you need to wrap stuff. Just read the directions

10-07-2006, 11:19 PM
I know, tell your husband he can sit upstairs in the room with a towel under the door..... so the next time, you'll know if it's safe for the dog!

Men can be so stupid, can't they?

10-08-2006, 12:26 AM
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA OH MY GOSH phillydogs.......that is hilarious and great advice!!!!!

Ok Lisa, how did it go? We have to use those bug bombs every summer it seems because our cat runs in and out as she pleases and we have all kinds of cats and dogs that run loose here so undoubtedly she will bring in one or two and that's all it takes! I kept the doors shut that had dishes and food since our main concern was the carpets. They are sooo hard to get rid of. Here it is about time for cold weather and we FINALLY quit finding one every few days. Another thing I did not know was you can have them in your yard. Terry sprayed the yard this year and we had way less trouble this year than previous years. I also found that "flea trap" and it has killed a lot of them. I am going to post a picture of it somewhere because it is so simple, safe and it works. I hope you got rid of your little pests today!

10-08-2006, 04:51 PM
Today went well, although I wish we had started earlier in the day. Luckily we weren't getting rid of fleas because we opted to put Anna in doggie daycare for the day & if she had fleas they wouldn't have taken her in!

I'm glad we decided to put her in doggie daycare because now as we're cleaning everything up (and still finding a few ALIVE flies that must've escaped to our upstairs :() I wouldn't want her to be poking around places that I haven't cleaned yet.

Well, better get back to it! If my boyfriend knew I was updating instead of cleaning he wouldn't be happy! But hey, he gets to watch football as he cleans, right? LOL. :D Thanks to everyone for the advice!

10-08-2006, 06:52 PM
There are at least two types of tiny house flies. One type comes in on fruit from the grocery store. Check out the fruit and veggie section and see if that's where you are getting them. Switching stores for a while can fix that unless they are breeding in your kitchen. The other type is the fungus gnat which grows in overwatered soil of houseplants. Drying up the plants a bit can kill the gnats.

It's easier, IMHO, in the long run to find out where the bugs are coming from and stopping them from coming in and breeding than it is to bug bomb the house.

Did you shut off and cover your computer? The stuff in some bug bombs can corrode fine electronics.

How did your baby take to doggie day care? I've seen those on TV and they look like tons of fun.

10-09-2006, 09:26 AM
My computer was upstairs & shut off anyway, but it wasn't covered as we weren't bombing the upstairs. We did shut the door to the room so I hope it was OK. My boyfriend left his laptop downstairs even though I had advised him not to, so we'll see if it has any effects on his laptop!

Anna goes to doggie day care on a somewhat regular basis, as her separation anxiety makes it impossible to leave her alone for more than 5-6 hours at a time (she starts to chew through her cage at that point & has hurt herself getting out.) And even though her crate is big enough for me to sleep in comfortably, I can't bear to leave her alone in there for that long anyway. So if my boyfriend or myself can't stop in during the day for any reason we put her in doggie daycare. She seems to really like it & the Petsuites we take her to has "activities" that you can sign your pet up for, and if you are there for doggie daycare you get one for free. Anna does the 'trailblazer', which is a 20 minute walk. Its getting to be costly because $23/day really adds up quick!